Apalachicola – randomness

There was an occasional photo that didn’t have a place in my prior blog posts but I wanted to keep the photo anyway and share. Not a true theme in totality for this blog post, but a few groupings made sense. Here you go.

Walking around the city, I did find some holiday shots with bits of whimsy:

Most mornings (until noon-ish) fog was prevalent:

Similar to the photo above in regards to the location, overcast but no day-time fog:

Found a trailer in an off-site parking lot, probably used for their events. Liked the addition of longitude & latitude.

A bit further north of the downtown area was the docks for shrimp boats. One person in the past had a (really) bad day.

When the sun was able to break through and burn off the fog and we headed over the S.G.I. bridge for some afternoon fishing.

Bay-side, boy scout camp, oyster bars in the background.
Surf-side inside the state park.

This bird was trying to get a free meal by stealing Eric’s shrimp – then gave up.

One reason to visit the town was to check on our (empty) lot. Yep, things grow quickly in Florida. Never know that we did some clearing and mowed several years ago.

One of my first photos upon arrival was of the town ‘Christmas Tree’ along the river downtown:

Much, m.u.c.h, much better photo in the evening.

Great town in the summer and yet, still a coastal community in the off-season. Some year it will become ‘home’.


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