Christmas Seasonal Happenings

Midwest Christmas traditions are much different than Florida traditions, but we all adjust and create new ones based on our environment. Did not see poinsettia towers when I was growing up, but they are fairly common in Central Florida.

This year a Christmas tree almost didn’t happen, so I modified my expectations and decorated my primitive tree creating a holiday focus point. Yep, the Grinch is featured along with my collection of holiday plush. Most of the ornaments on the tree were home-made through the years by grandma and myself. Harder to see was a paper chain garland created by the godsons in 2006. It’s packed away carefully each year and brought out the following year.

Cookies are always needed around the holidays and chocolate crinkles were a family favorite. Someimtes the dough was actually baked! Ha Ha.

Our tradition for a number of years has been to drive to the (frigid) north with a destination of Jacksonville/St. Augustine spending time with good friends and godsons. They always have a live tree.

Every year and I do mean every year there are three of us that make a Christmas morning trek to the beach. Let’s be honest……….the number that joins us varies every year. And as you would suspect the weather is the main determining factor. This year we topped out at five.

No matter what, oysters are usually involved. They were served as an ‘appetizer’ for those interested.

apalachicola oysters
Apalachicola oysters
Virginia oysters

Hands down, Apalachicola oysters were better.

For a number of years, Rich has fried a turkey. It is a process! Cooking was a bit harder due to the cold temps outside. It took forever for the oil to get up to temperature.

46 minutes later and the bird was cooked.

Eric was engaged for the inside cooking – turkey gravy and mashed potatoes. His secret for the mashed potatoes……lots of butter.

It all came together for our afternoon Christmas dinner.

Dessert was served later that evening when friends stopped by.

What to do with everybody home and nothing planned? Movie time!

I enjoyed our selection, but it is a l.o.n.g movie – 3+ hours. I’ve never seen the first one, but the imagery in this was absolutely amazing.

Notice that someone is missing? Eric was prepping the meal for later that evening.

Beef bourguignon
Egg noodles
Zuchini au gratin

It was a satisfying evening meal for a cold December night in Florida.

Remember how I started saying we were going to the frigid North? Yep, the morning departure made sure we were aware. That’s frost on the window. Had to get the Florida ice-scraper out (credit card!).


One thought on “Christmas Seasonal Happenings

  1. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us! The first Avatar movie is also a long one but very entertaining & beautiful!


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