ck_gmd at monday surf

Since we were married in 1994, I’ve kept a diary for all of our travels.  Some years there would be multiple diaries and other times a diary lasted for several years.  I always kept my eyes out for a diary to add to my collection while I was writing in another. We have gone back to read some of them, mostly to settle disagreements of fishing tales or remember where we stayed.  It was comforting to keep paper and pen nearby to record things as they happened.

This changed when I worked and lived in China for six months.  While carrying a laptop is not as convenient as a diary, I love the capability of adding photos.  That has been a game-changer.  Since these days no one prints photos, this gives me an outlet for the ones I take, plus makes me pare down the ones that tell the best story or are the most meaningful.  While I enjoy sharing our stories with others, this is for me.  I have read and re-read the postings and relived the memories.  These are our vacation moments we share either together or in spirit.





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