Apalachicola – the city

It would only be right to have a post about the city, which is Franklin County’s seat. Located on the shores of Apalachicola Bay – an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico – and the mouth of the Apalachicola River.

In 1827 the town was incorporated as West Point. Apalachicola received its current name in 1831 by an act of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida. In 1849 a local physician, Dr. John Gorrie, discovered the cold air process of refrigeration, the precursor to an ice machine and in 1850 received the patent. The rest as you say……….was history. There could be an entire blog post on that subject alone. Hmmmmm.

Back to the present times,…….there continue to be a number of businesses with summer being the height of their sales, they are however, open throughout most of the year. Staying in the Consulate Suites gave us great walking access.

Two of my top stores in the downtown were Riverlily and Go Fish.

Riverlily is an eclectic store with a variety of interesting (Eric says smelly) creams, funky gifts, some clothing & homegoods and my favorite item – really, really, cool earrings. Almost every visit I add to my collection.

Purchases at Go Fish are up and down. This visit, I found an awesome dress and light sweater to accompany it – now summer needs to come back so I can wear it!

Our accommodations had coffee from this establishment indicated below as part of the welcome and a purchase was made before coming home.

We did taste some of their chocolate, sorry no photos, we ate them too fast. You might notice the date of their establishment – 2016. I hope they make it. There have been a number of establishments through the years that have come and gone.

A short walk away was a memorial.

At the other end of the plaza was this memorial.

Apalachicola is the home port for a variety of seafood workers, including recreational fishermen and shrimpers.

A few were anchored along the riverfront along this downtown dock.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include a few photos from the city’s brewery.

Our visit coincided with their twice monthly Farmer’s Market. No purchases but we met some people that hopefully will be part of our circle once we move here.

Let me close with a bit of coastal chic, positioned along the waterfront.


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