Exploring Orlando – again

Sundays are a good day for food trips. On a recent day we stopped at Market To Table. It’s described as ‘modern American cuisine with classical influences’.

It’s typically an evening destination – except on the weekends when they add a 11am – 2pm dining period. No better way to start than with some special brunch drinks: 2 bloody marys and 1 Market mimosa (vodka, orange, hibiscus & sparkling wine) – v.e.r.y delish! Can you guess who had the market mimosa?

Starting with the salmon Gravlax was an excellent choice. I would go back just for that treat.

Between the three of us, we chose very different entrees. I had been craving eggs benedict and they had their own ‘market’ version. Loved it! Except for the breakfast potatoes left on the plate, everything else was gone.

Adrienne’s selection looked absolutely delicious: pork belly B.L.T. Her fries looked great. Maybe next time I could substitute fries for breakfast potatoes?

Eric enjoyed his braised short rib hash. Not my thing but he ate every morsel.

A repeat visit was to Hall On The Yard.

It’s not your typical restaurant or food hall. The concept involves one owner for the building with different chefs & company. They cook their specialties without sinking a huge fortune into a building, infrastructure, kitchens and waitstaff.

One (very large) menu highlights the diversity of flavors and one waitstaff brings your selection to the table as selections are ready, no matter where it’s coming from.

We started with the ‘zazzy’ fries from the Indian restaurant. Mm, mm, good. Loved the salty & spicy coating and remoulade.

We added their guacamole and homemade chips before the main dishes arrived. We all agreed the flavor was unique (quite good!) so much so that Eric went to it’s kitchen and asked their chef. Honey vinegarette was the ingredient that ‘made’ the dish interesting.

Wow! This looked great – Greek octopus salad.

Adrienne’s choice

Eric ordered two more appetizers, samosas and a chicken quesadilla.

Remember at the top when I said I had been craving eggs benedict? Yep, I got another one the following weekend. Hidden underneath those eggs…………salmon (after the replacement dish arrived).

When my first plate arrived, I started digging in, got about 1/2 way through one of the eggs and said ‘Wait a minute”. While it was tasty it wasn’t what I ordered. There was homemade sausage underneath. Eventually we flagged down our waiter and he didn’t seem to understand why I wanted my original order. Really? BTW – much better with the salmon.


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