A new addition to Sundays

We’ve added another to our weekend jaunts – our godson, Connor. It’s giving us a chance to introduce another person to the eating delights of Central Florida. One of our first forays was Mamak, asian street food.

We started with one of my favorites, fries dusted with asian spices.

And another fave, golden wontons.

One more dish was ordered, hokkien char mee, Singapore’s signature dish with chicken, shrimp and pork. It was v.e.r.y tasty.

We’ve had a few different dessert items but none that bore a repeat. However, fairly close by is a dessert pretzel, at Ten10 Brewing Company. So what exactly is a dessert pretzel? Think warm chewy pretzel, coated with cinnamon sugar and having a tub of cream cheese icing nearby – love it!!!!

Another weekend, we had a visit with Rich and Hunter and we stopped at Deadwords Brewing.

Interesting story about it’s location. Notice the phrase ‘Parramore district’ in the screenshot below? This is not known as an upcoming neighborhood. I was curious why here?

While this is a new building the ground beneath has a fascinating story. A couple from Indiana moved to Central Florida in 1948 and took ownership of the old Arrowhead Restaurant on this site. They changed the name to Chastains. For 40+ years they served up home-cooked, generous helpings of American country-style cooking to all walks of life: common laborers, politicians, sports celebrities, the sheriff and tourists. In the 1097s it was a safe space to discuss civil rights issues. Even in the 1980 and 90s it remained busy with concertgoers attending events in the nearby Citrus Bowl. In the late 90s, the Chastain’s son called it quits when no one else in the family wanted to take over the business.

The building was demolished and the space turned into Al’s Army Navy Store, remaining that way until 2019 when the brewery leased the property. The brewing group liked that there was history in the location and were excited to be a part of what happens next. There you have it.

They have this fabulous communication board, highlighting their current beers and throwing in a few bits of trivia. It is mesmerizing. The ‘clacking’ of the individual letters draws your attention towards it. Seriously, it does.

Why the name Deadwords? The owner was resurrecting the latin language.

With our group of 5 we ordered a variety of items. They have one of the best charcuterie boards in Central Florida – just saying!

Naturally there was a pretzel as part of this mix. The poutine appetizer was also part of the choices.

Throw in a few flame-fired pizzas and we had enough to fill everyone up.

Here’s the whole group for this outing. We’ve got to remember this place when others come. It has a variety of choices on their menu that should suit the pickiest of eaters.

Kind of empty when we first got there but by the time we left they had a nice Sunday afternoon crowd. We’ll be back.


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