Barcelona – the end

I’ve said this before, but going to say it again………..I just hate, hate, h.a.t.e to write the final blog at the end of a trip. I can pretend it’s all about jumping back into work and trying to recover the lost time, it’s not. It’s the realization the trip is over.

I was scanning through my photos and they were bringing back great memories of the awesome food we had. That’s the reason I’m writing this post – food, glorious food. Let’s get started.

Here we go. Right outside of our door was Tapazia, a tapas spot. It’s literally so close we are standing in our AirBNB doorway for this shot.

Naturally started with Sangria, along with these croquettes.

Below was the main attraction: Spanish tortillas. They were these eggy, cheesy, tasty, chock-ful of potatoes very filling meal. Add in some protein or veggies and you would be set for the day. One day, these were lunch – SUCH a long walk.

One evening we visited another host recommendation……………. lo Pinyal.

No surprise, another tapas restaurant.

Top – anchovy and stuffed olives. Middle – sheep cream cheese with fig and almonds. Bottom – romesco eggplant

We finally learned the art of ordering tapas – don’t order everything at once! So simple, but effective. Otherwise (most) everything comes out at once, not leaving time to savor the small plates already at the table.

More of the tomato bread and their fabulous Iberian ham, thinly sliced.
Mixed olives – they taste better here!
Sheep cream cheese with anchovy and olive
Fabulous chactuerie with local cheese.

And always to top off the meal, Sangria.

We had a few repeats our last few days, one of which included going back to the market and snacking at Bar Boqueria. Yep, there was a lot of sangria drunk while in Barcelona. This was NOT the same day as the photo above, let’s keep it straight.

Potatoes, always taste better on vacation.
Grilled aquid, yum!

Yes I did……ate a tenacle.

Not just a repeat, but a three-peat. Never happened before! Our first meal in Barcelona was at Tapeo and we made Tapeo our last meal. YEAH!!!!



Our last day in Barcelona, we wandered more of the historic streets and found this second story bar. Great for afternoon refreshment and people-watching.

I snuck a tasty little sweet treat with me on the plane. We had walked past these several times and I finally succumbed. They were just so darned cute. Basically, they were donuts with a theme or ‘dressing’.

Yep, it was sweet and very tasty.

Okay, that’s it, the trip was over and so are the photos.


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