Bordeaux – the first hours.

We typically book AirBNB for our accommodations. It gets us a little closer to people & culture, a chance to eat breakfast leisurely whenever we get up and the opportunity to wash clothes – we don’t need to pack nearly as much.

Eric’s research found this place looking at reviews and location, location and location.

Our room is near the v.e.r.y top – 86 stairs were between the front door and the apartment we are renting.

The owner met us upon arrival and after a quick tour of the place, we were on our own.

Nice open living room with the 3- 8′ windows opening above the street, letting in plenty of fresh air and light.

The TV works with 7 channels available, only in French. We’ve turned it on occasionally for background noise and to look at the pretty pictures.

Kitchen was nice, larger than other places we’ve stayed in. One counter for appliances and small pantry.

A kitchen island, holding plates, cups, wine glasses, bowls and serving-ware below.

Stove and sink with storage for pots & pans and utensils.

Three bedrooms with the corner doorway leading to a small balcony.

Ginny & Eric’s choice.

Here’s a quick shot of our balcony.

Second bedroom, love the lamp!

Adrienne’s choice

Third bedroom with a skylight – got to watch out for the low ceilings.

Right past the third bedroom was the other outdoor sitting spot. it was a g.r.e.a.t place to end the evening with a few glasses of wine.

Teeny tiny washrooms.

The view out the window includes the Garonne river to our right.

With the view to the left leading into the heart of the old city.

Now that we’re situated, what’s next before crashing? Walking, eating and a few groceries for the morning.

We stopped at Michels, not realizing it was one of the top-rated locales. We can see why. Always love sitting outside to enjoy the weather and people-watch. Wine and a sangria (one of the best ever – just saying) started the meal.

I guess you can figure out who had the Sangria. 🙂

Foie gras started the meal and yes, I tried it. I’m good for the rest of the trip.

Adrienne’s meal was pork sausage with mashed potatoes.

Eric ordered the beef tartar, accompanied with frites. Not really my thing.

Mine was probably the most boring – Croque-monsieur, a hot ham and cheese sandwich and yes, frites came with it.

What was next – crashing in our apartment. I think we look pretty good for being up almost 24 hours.

More exciting things are coming while in Bordeaux.


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