Finally! We’re out of here.

We all know that traveling has been stunted due to the recent ‘plague’ (that’s what I’m calling it) and overseas travel has only recently started to gain ground. We are finally breaking our traveling dry spell since 2019. I’m talking real travel – out of the US.

What is a trip without a few trials? Ours started when we got to the airport. Since we’re going overseas we needed a specific QR code from a specific European website. Nope we didn’t have that. However, a Delta angel named Ashley was extremely patient helping us. Eric tried, I tried with my laptop, then tried with my cell phone. There were multiple attempts (I will admit some of those were user 😦 error.), at least once handing over my phone for her to input some things. Needless to say, there was stress!

Meanwhile Adrienne was already over in Concourse B patiently waiting for us. Time was on our side , even with this extra frustration downloading the app for the needed code. Ashley apologized and shared she might be the only one to ask (that was the rule) and possibly no one else on our journey. She’s right, thus far.

Our next stop after stepping onto Concourse B…………. stepping into The Club MCO.

We sat at the bar after selecting some ‘breakfasty’ food. One of those drinks below looks innocent – its not. I got my cappuccuino and the bartender said he could add a splash of something – Bailey’s Irish Cream. It took half a second before nodding Y.E.S. please.

The Bloody Mary and Bloody Maria were not my choice for morning beverages – just saying.

Soon enough we were on the first leg of this adventure, heading to Atlanta and The Club at ATL.

While we haven’t visited many of the airport clubs (perk from our credit card) Atlanta is one of the smallest. Still, we grabbed lunch-type items. And possibly a few alcoholic drink choices. Mimosas anyone?

No other ‘trials’ in the day’s travels as the trip become more real, next stop Europe.

Our flight landed 1+ hour late and a number of passengers were going to miss their connections. Not us, we are stopping at Paris, to catch our first train. No trains here yet, it was a very empty platform.

After such a long flight (9+ hours) l walked around stretching my legs and came across these birds – pigeons. No matter where you end up in the world, there are pigeons .There was one odd-ball. Hope they weren’t picking on him.

What else did we do to pass the time before our train departed? Eat at the hotel’s Sheraton. Got to keep refueling or we’re all going to fall asleep.

Mask-wearing up to this point had been fairly lax. Not so with the Train. To walk onto the platform a mask was needed and it stayed on throughout the ride.

Those two crashed almost before we got out of the station.

Moments later we were seeing the country-side and ‘wowed’ by this vibrant yellow. We believe it is mustard or possibly rapeseed.

Most bridges had these stairs as part of their structure. I wanted to ask what they were for – duh, to climb of course. Luckily I didn’t ask and make a fool of myself, but still just not sure of the why.

Second leg of our train trip took 2 hours – on the high-speed train! Excellent!

This was our view…………the train’s direction was backwards for us. Alway looking at what we passed instead of what was coming up. At least we were on the upper level of the train carriage, a definite plus.

The train’s not even moving and Eric was breaking the rules.

We flew past more yellow fields and starting seeing wind turbines along-side.

So refreshing to start traveling again. Next up, first hours in Bordeaux.


4 thoughts on “Finally! We’re out of here.

    1. Well………………..there were supposed to be ‘highlights’ of color but since I do it so infrequently, this was what I got. It’s temporary and should wash out before going back to work. It doesn’t really meet our guidelines. The color is maroon but with the sun naturally bleaching out my hair some parts ended up more pink. Yes, very excited to be traveling again.


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