Bordeaux Food Tour

We’ve discovered that finding a walking food tour has been a good way to see a new city, find interesting places to eat and tap into the local knowledge for all kinds of recommendations. After catching up on some much needed sleep this was our first full day.

This tour didn’t include any wine with the tour – you can purchase your own – but that allowed them to include more stops for tasting. I like it!

We met near one of the local covered markets, Marche des Capucins.

We arrived early to walk around – loved looking at all of the produce.

Our guide was Louise, but asked to call her Lou. Guess our first stop on the tour? Marche de Capucins. Ha! Ha! The market’s primary focus was on local produce either from the land or the sea.

First stop was ……………….

Poulette is french for little chicken. However, this eating establishment featured mussels. Huh? Their first location specialized in chicken and this was their second…………. with seafood. The mussels were steamed in a creamy wine broth (great for dipping bread – BTW) accompanied by frites.

Yes, I ate one, and another one and another one or let’s just say I had my share. First time ever. They were okay, not sure I would ever order a meal of mussels but would help others eat a few.

Second stop at the Marche…………

A trio of items were brought to our table: oysters (nice & salty) with sausages, pastry wrapped boudin noir with apples and croque monsieur. BTW – I tried everything, including the second choice. If you’re not sure what that is, google it. I knew but I still tried it. I’m good for the rest of my life.

I kind of liked the sausage with the oysters. We may be trying that at home. Besides, every meal is better when you eat outside.

We walked off some of those calories before reaching our next stop…………..

The canneles are a Bordeaux specialty with the name coming from the French word for ‘wavey’ or ‘fluted’ as they are made in copper fluted molds. The mold encouarges the batter to caramelize on the outside, and stay soft on the inside with a taste similar to a creme brulee.

LOVED the crunchy outside.

After this sweet treat, we went back to savory with burgers.

I had noticed this place as we walked the old city, never expecting to eat there. With this food tour, we did. Three choices were purchased for our group to taste.

L to R chicken, beef and portobello mushroom

We cut the sandwiches in quartesr for the group to taste more than one type if they chose. I had the chicken – absolutely delicious. Definitely one of the best chicken sandwiches I had tasted. Adrienne had the veggie option and also said it was one of the best. We made it a ‘picnic’ sitting in one of the many city squares. The two in the background were part of our tour with the guide, Lou to the left.

The following stop was one of my faves.

They had these interesting pizza sandwiches. We tasted the Gina and the Claudia. We agreed we preferred the Claudia.

They had some eclectic decorations. Couldn’t resist a snapshot. Not expecting to see this in Bordeaux.

We finished with two separate and very different sweets for our final stops.

OMG these were rich. Top left was a chocolate chip cookie. Going clock-wise was double chocolate chip and the bottom left was chocolate with peanut butter. I couldn’t do it. I could not eat all three different types. I only managed two. Again……… rich!

A short walk down another cobble-stone street led to our final destination.

Little puffy clouds of goodness. Crispy dough topped with powdered sugar with the inside being a creamy gooey goodness. I was able to eat one of these – so light. Ha!

As this was the final stop, I grabbed a quick shot of our group. The other couple were from Australia, visiting their daughter that lived in London.

Very fun tour, way too much food, but nice to walk the city to get our bearings for the remainder of our time here. In the beginning I wrote that wine wasn’t included so you stopped at more places. This was waaaaaaay too many places for me. I’m definitely full.


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