My Christmas Special

~So many professional bloggers and blogs.

~So many professional photographers.

~So many professional writers.

Where does one start? You start typing one word, followed by another word and eventually you get it together. It begins by sitting down, taking a deep breath and creating a pathway for your thoughts. That’s what I needed to do for this blog.

This is a ‘sweet’ time of year………..and I mean that literally. LOTS of sugar being devoured by kids and the young at heart. Back in the day……….I did a lot of baking and usually had a cake plate sitting in the kitchen with goodies, be it a cake, cookies, brownies or whatever. But you know what? It’s a lot easier to buy a single sweet, savor the flavor and continue on your quest for the next sugar masterpiece.

What’s not to love when these cookies surround you at work.

Or these sugar delicacies. Got to share……..the chocolate peppermint donut could possibly be seen sitting on my desk earlier. It’s possible. Maybe? That’s the beauty of sugar. The clues have been devoured.

Let’s throw in a little ice cream, topped with peppermint dust. Who heard of such a thing? Peppermint. Dust. Never would have put those words together. I didn’t until this year and saw it on several sweets. Aaaaannnnndd, I like it! YUM

If you can step away from sugar……………….let’s talk about lights. Christmas lights. Growing up in the Midwest, we would drive around town, taking in light displays when it got close to THE date. It would be SUPER special if there was a recent snow on top of the lights – WOW! Don’t really see that in Florida, but here are a few interesting sights.

Nope, never saw this growing up. Lights on a palm tree.

These people had a r.e.a.l.l.y tall ladder. I kept the car in the photo for perspective.

Quintessential Florida. Flamingo? Really? Really. With the fake palm trees. At least the wrapped palm trees above were real.

With all the rage being the blow-up yard decorations, our neighborhood did not disappoint. That is a TALL Santa – no forced perspective. It was as tall as the roof.

Couldn’t resist this Disney vignette from another front porch.

Just think. Back in the day……….this was a traditional mid-western holiday display and I found it in our neighborhood this year.

Speaking of traditional, my sister’s Christmas tree……..

……….and my Christmas tree. HAD to have the Grinch.

Actually, the Grinch has his own Christmas tree and photo-bombed the above photo.

Let me close with a final sweet………my sister’s holiday cake. Now that totally looks yummy. Can you send me a piece, maybe several pieces? 🙂

Merry Christmas from Darden Travels.


P.S. – thanks sis for the many sweet photos.

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