Lakeland Florida and beyond!

Although we had a recent visit to Lakeland, one of our closest friends was coming to Florida on business and able to spend a bit of time with us enjoying Florida’s sunshine. What better way than eating outside and walking through a garden. The weather did not disappoint for either of these activities.

First up was lunch at The Joinery – a fairly new food hall in Lakeland. We visited several weeks ago and it was worth another visit. We hit different food places than the last time. I TOTALLY loved my choice, Super Duper Spot, ordering a burger and fries. This was no ordinary burger, nope! It had special sauce and when asked she said it was their ‘trade secret’. Good for them. I can tell you, it worked. Besides, who can turn down crinkle cut fries – not me. 🙂

Other food purchases were tuna sushi roll (a l.a.r.g.e. roll) and carnitas tacos.

I still think that ‘I won’ with my selection – just saying.

Next stop…………Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, a short distance south and east.

After parking you’re greeted with a few floral masterpieces and their entrance fountain.

This is a nice touch – identifying what is currently blooming in the gardens.

Eric is a friend of the director, David Price, and he met us upon arrival, spending some time walking the gardens with us. LOVE when designs incorporate edible plants & herbs.

It was quite exciting to see one of their uninvited guests rambling through their plantings. This gorpher tortoise made a beeline for some greens and our presence wasn’t deterring him at all, no siree.

He was helping ‘prune’ away some of the yellowing foliage………..and filling his belly.

Eventually we walked up the ridge to one of the highest points along central Florida to see the main attraction – Bok Tower. Google it. I could do a post just on that alone.

The pond near the tower used to have a number of swans but now showcase these giant lily pads. I asked about the swans……………they became a bit too possessive of the gardens and have a new home.

I was able to capture a quick shot of our group as we were touring the grounds.

There is a reflecting moat surrounding the base of the tower. My photo below is the reflection, complete with a stick and leaves floating on the surface of the water – not scratches or dust on my lens.

Beautiful Florida day, enjoying the sun, the breeze and good company.


One thought on “Lakeland Florida and beyond!

  1. What a cute visitor you had! And that pic of the Bok Tower reflection is insane. I would have had no idea that it wasn’t the real thing.


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