Christmas Post #2!

Don’t get spoiled It wasn’t the plan to write two blogs on one day, but had a few more things to say. Here we go.


Everyone has traditions. Ours for a number of years has been to spend it with our two oldest godsons (and their parents!) in North Florida. Part of that time together has always included a walk on the beach Christmas morning – no matter the temps. Here are a few memories.

December 25, 2017
December 25, 2018
December 25, 2019
December 25, 2020

Three of us never change, we’re always in the photos. We are going to the beach no matter the temps or the weather! Sometimes we can persuade others to join us, other years we can’t. This year turned out a bit different. Something ‘world-wide’ got in the way of our plans. The walk still occurred and while I was there in spirit, bring along an iPad……………voila! I’m on the walk.

December 25, 2021

Another tradition is sausage balls (and a fried egg – just saying) for Christmas breakfast. It has been Connor’s job for a while to make the sausage balls. Eric tried really hard to copy him – nope, Connor’s were better.

Staying home meant Eric had to cook. No turkey for us today. It was being fried in north Florida. 😦 Filet was the substitute. It was mighty fine, but would have enjoyed the turkey. Soon.

When the plans changed unexpectedly, you’ve got to make adjustments. Through the years, I’ve told a number of people ‘take lemons and make lemonade’. It was now our turn.

So the friends we didn’t get to spend Christmas day with…………………ZOOM! Technology, isn’t it wonderful. Would much rather see everyone in person, but for the moment it works. While it’s not the best shot below, it still counts. These expressions are priceless.

How do you end a Christmas night post? With a great photo from your favorite sister. Thanks sis.


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