2020 S.G.I. – Chapter 7

The beaches of SGI are a main attraction for most and we were no exception during our visit. Even when the weather was dicey, it’s interesting to see the beach in all its various moods. Our last day we visited the Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park at the east end of the 28 mile long island – occupying 9 of those miles.

We got Eric here with his fishing poles.

Even in the surf, he caught something – a small whiting, edible but not needed on our last day.

Feathered wildlife joined us, curious why we were invading ‘their’ beach. This little guy came over to check me out, getting closer than I expected.

This Great Blue Heron was curious and persistent.

Adrienne went over to check him out.

He kept showing up in our photos.

The same bird…………..

…………..closer and closer.

Eric was using live shrimp while fishing and this bird knew it!

Finally……………..he got his shrimp. Eric was done and dumped the remaining shrimp.

Taking off after he was full.

One last stop before packing up – Paddy’s Raw Bar. It used to be a real dive, a biker bar – pretty rough and not a place I would go. They’ve changed with the times.

Naturally, we had oysters. I get it. After awhile, oysters look like more oysters, which look like more oysters – unless you’re the one(s) eating them. They had different tastes and different levels of salinity, but all mighty tasty.

Sunday we had to head home, and found one more place to have more oysters, in Panacea. BTW – that’s a live palm tree they tacked the city sign on.

This is part of our regular route home, but had never found this restaurant.

Oysters and mullet fish dip – delicious.

Those that know us would not be surprised to know we brought oysters home. Adrienne and I had them in New Orleans several years ago ‘char-grilled’ and that was our request for the ones we got.

That evening we had them grilled, oysters rockefeller and raw.

This was a different SGI trip – still fun, but a different focus and laid-back vacation. Until next time………….


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