Sanford’s Shantell

Previously, while visiting historic Sanford, Florida, we had never noticed Shantell’s restaurant. It’s a local fan-favorite featuring comfort soul food. It’s a gathering place, a social hall and an entertainment venue. And oh yeah, it has good food. 🙂

Sanford is not a decision made on a whim – waaaaaay too far for us to go on a moment’s notice for eating. Typically our Sanford destination is a (fabulous & authentic) German restaurant but one weekend we went outside our norm.

At this time in our world, we’re looking for outside dining and this location fit the bill.

Let’s talk the food before going any further. It all starts with a way to ‘whet your whistle’. No soft drink but nice ‘southern’ refreshments with lemonade and ice tea our drinks of choice. Got to tell you, most every time I’ve ordered lemonade somewhere, it’s too sweet and I keep adding water to make it something I can drink. Not this time – perfect.

Typical Dardens, we ordered way too much food. Eric thought this was interesting and we asked for it before our meal arrived – Jam-faican Beef Patties. Totally loved the dipping sauce, it had a kick to it! Oh, and the patties were good also. For me, it’s all about the sauce.

My choice was Jerk Chicken & Rice. The spices were spot-on. The portion was too much food for me and half went home.

Eric ordered their fried chicken, accompanied by collard greens and fried okra (of course!).

My next visit I will order the fried chicken – it looked absolutely delicious, very tasty and very crispy. We couldn’t stop there – nooooooo. Eric ordered a slice of hummingbird cake – made locally – and we shared it. Oopsie, we were in such a hurry to dig in, I forgot my photo. GOT to remember that next time.

Near the end of our meal, Shantell drove up, on her motorcycle. (FYI, not my photo but one I found on the internet.)

She has a big personality with a big smile. She’s a chef, business owner, mother of 10 and holder of a Harley Davidson world record, driving through the 48 contiguous states in 27 days. She set out on her journey to draw attention to a Floridian named Bessie Stringfield – VERY interesting story. Google it to find out more details.

Since it was mid-afternoon we were one of the few guests on-site. Shantell stopped to talk after driving up on her Harley and her story was even more interesting in person. Totally enjoyed talking with her. The food is good but talking with Shantell takes the whole experience up a notch. We’ll be back!

BTW – I have a number of blog posts that need to be written up and shared. I soooooo want to travel overseas but that is obviously on hold at the moment. In the meantime, we’ve been traveling the state, finding interesting spots that probably we would have missed and never discovered. There is an upside to everything, sometimes you have to hunt harder to find it.

Until the next blog arrives……..


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