Disney Christmas – lite

Why Disney Christmas – lite?  There are so many, many more bloggers that concentrate on Disney exclusively,  I didn’t want to even try to compete with that.  My Disney Christmas highlights the Park that I work inside and (great) photos my sister shared during their recent visit.  Those primarily were at the Magic Kingdom – what everyone thinks of when you say ‘I went to Disney World!’.  🙂 

I’m starting with ‘my’ Park – Epcot and our Christmas trees.  Yes, plural.  We have two:  first one encountered marks the transition between Future World and World Showcase.  At the top is a blue angel – which didn’t photograph well for me. BUT, it is a very colorful tree.

Our second tree is in the American Adventure pavilion, with a patriotic theme.

Most of the pavilions and Merchandise shops have outside and inside holiday decorations, lots of garlands, ribbon and bulbs.  We also use nature to help tell the holiday story.

This hanging basket caught me eye – yes, that is grass growing underneath the plants in the hanging basket.

One morning I couldn’t resist taking photos of these ornaments in the France pavilion when no one was around.

We also have Mickey and Minnie in their blue holiday attire.

Occasionally Kris Kringle can be seen at Epcot.

Going over to Magic Kingdom, the Mickey floral bed greets the guests in holiday colors right in front of the Train Station.

My sister got some f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. photos at Magic Kingdom of their holiday parade. Mickey and Minnie changed their costumes while in the Kingdom

Santa paid a visit to Magic Kingdom after parading around Epcot.

Can’t forget the reindeer.

She captured a shot of Magic Kingdom’s Christmas tree………………

……….and I really loved this shot with the toy soldier and the castle in the background.

But I totally loved her night-time photos of the Magic Kingdom castle. I haven’t always been a fan of projections on the castle, but these won me over.

Our decorations at home are much more simple. A garland around the front doorway and a small display on the side.

This was Eric’s project last year and they fared well enough for this year’s display.

Our tree we’ve had to cat-proof, either with using non-breakable ornaments or clamp clips for those I dared to put on the tree.

The Grinch has always been my favorite Christmas movie and he’s recently seen a surge in popularity. This is my favorite Christmas quote

A friend shared advice he’s given to his younger leaders. Christmas isn’t about a specific date or a specific time, its those moments that are special to you.

Ginny Merry Christmas

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