2020 S.G.I. chapter 6

Our last days in the Panhandle had a few repeats from earlier in the week. They may be favorite spots that never fail to deliver or something new we discovered on this trip. Regardless, they deserved one more stop before leaving the panhandle.

My new favorite eating spot was Indian Pass Raw Bar. We were there before it opened at the end of the week and yes we started with the fish dip.

Followed by 2 dozen raw oysters. No fancy serving platter, just oysters on plastic food trays.

I had to ‘decorate’ my oyster with a few toppings – horseradish and cocktail sauce.

And just to prove I was eating them………..

This was also the place that had the honor system for your drinks and you checked off what you drank, then gave the ticket to the cashier when paying your bill before leaving.

I was much better this time at pouring my own beer.

This was also the place with the a.m.a.z.i.n.g key lime pie. We got 2 pieces to share between us (and I could have still licked the plate) when done.

Next up Scipio Creek Half Bar. This time we saw outside in their open-air bar – loved it. It will be my spot of choice for future visits. Doesn’t Adrienne look excited for another photo.

Naturally the meal began with two dozen raw oysters………..

Followed by seafood dinners.

Our last morning was an early stop at Hole In The Wall. Knowing it would be busy on a weekend, we were waiting outside before others arrived. It definitely got crowded before the doors were open and we were glad we arrived 15 minutes early. Yes, Eric, you were right.

Fish dish and oysters always start the meal.

More seafood selections followed.

One last visit to Oyster City Brewing Company.

We didn’t let Eric totally off the hook for meals at our rental. One night we had peel & eat shrimp and shrimp cocktail, with oysters – of course.

Another evening we had grilled grouper and shrimp. But sometime, you get a craving for meat – steak.

One fabulous meal was shrimp bisque, great for a cool evening.

My all-time favorite Eric recipe is gumbo.

Our last home-cooked meal on the island was the remaining grouper filets, fresh tomatoes and broccolini – who knew you could find that in Apalachicola.

So this post was waaaaaay late, but I wanted to finish it since it was sitting in my ‘drafts’. Believe it or not, one last post from St. George Island. What better way to end, than at the beach. Coming soon – I promise.


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