2020 S.G.I. chapter 5

A day on St. George Island……………………..

The beach calls most people and over the years, the beaches of St. George Island have been on several lists as a top beach to visit. Full disclosure……..this post will be lots of photos.

Thanks to Adrienne for capturing these sunrise photos. She timed her daily morning run to see these views.

The SGI lighthouse has quite a history with the (hopefully) last spot being it’s current location, easily seen driving onto the island. Google its history.

We saw the beach this week in her many moods.

Our feathered friends were more prevalent than humans.

This guy wasn’t so lucky.

Shells (and pieces) collect along the tide line (or have a little help).

You didn’t have to look very hard to see storm damage.

Or sometimes you just find ‘things’.

Stepping away from the beach.

A random chair on my daily jaunt.

One of many boats that had seen better days.

I found this sign that states “Beach to Bay Access”. I don’t think so. You would need a machete to cut your path and hopefully scare the snakes as you’re chopping the bushes back.

Ultimately, everyone ends up at the beach, even Eric.

I didn’t see the sunrise during my daily runs (I use that turn loosely) but was able to capture a few interesting beach photos.

We found a cool spot to watch the sun set and end a day on SGI.


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