Lexington Eats

No trip  is complete with out a post dedicated to food.  We had many great meals during this trip and here are a few highlights.


This place was recently voted as ‘Favorite New Restaurant in Lexington’.  Their philosophy is ‘simple good food, prepared using the freshest ingredients available’.  We began our meal with drinks and appetizers.  Drinks (l to r) – white sangria (me), rose’ sangria (Alice) and a pawpaw old-fashioned (Eric).  Appetizers were deviled eggs and ham biscuits.  Yum!

I had the (absolute) best choice with a burger.  Eric ordered the pot roast and was disappointed.

If room allows, desserts are desired………..and we had room.  We all struck a hit with our choices:  bourbon chocolate-pecan pie, lemon pavlova and ice cream.

It was a nice evening out on the town.


One night we stopped at a local Italian favorite – Paisano’s.  As their menu says ‘Best Kept Secret Since 1984’.


It was good, solid Italian food, made locally.  Stuffed shells was my choice with Eric selecting Spaghetti with meatballs.  Nothing fancy, but mighty tasty!

It was another fine evening of dining out.  Yes, there was wine, leisurely sipped that added to the enjoyment of the evening.


Lest you think that all meals were eaten out, several nights Eric cooked.  It was a combined effort for the prep.

Earlier I mentioned that he was disappointed with his pot roast choice.  He thought he could do better – and he did. He proved it that night.

One morning before heading out to orchards, we (and by that I mean me!) had a hankering for coffee and a pastry.  Googled Lexington’s best pastries………………….Magee’s Bakery was a top contender and just as important, we would be driving near its location.


It had that neighborly feel, kind of open-air industrial, but cozy.  You could see young moms meeting here, along with some business men and others just popping in for a sweet treat.  That was my choice!  I got an apple fritter, Eric ordered a croissant sandwich and a few donuts to top that off.  And he says he doesn’t like sweets.

Loved my fritter!  If I had one comment………………too many apples – ha.  Probably not a common thought.

As Eric and I were doing errands one morning, a few hunger pains started gnawing at us.  We ultimately choose one of our personal local favorities…………….Saul Good Restaurant & Pub.


Eric had chili and a wedge salad while I ordered pulled pork sandwich with fries – I won, just saying!  Normally the big draw for me is their fondue dessert – I love it.  Today with only the two of us, there was no room for dessert.


One of our last restaurants we visited was Halls on the River.


They have been involved in hospitality since 1781 when this establishment was a tavern in the early days of settlement.  They serve Southern comfort foods at a historic Kentucky River restaurant.  They are known for their beer cheese, served with crackers and veggies.

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It was invented and developed in Kentucky more than a half a century ago.  I’ve heard there is even a Beer Cheese Festival that happens – who knew.

Our selected meals ran the gamut – Beercheese burger for me, fried catfish for Mary and lamb fries for Eric.  What, you say are lamb fries………….lamb testicles parboiled, cut in half and seasoned, often served breaded and fried.  Yep, Eric ‘wins’ for the most interesting choice.  Not my choice – just saying.

Towards the end of our stay, we stopped at a few local breweries.  Our first stop was West Sixth Brewing.


They had a ton of taps and a nice selection of their beers bottled.


A locally-made pretzel and (beer) cheese was available.

Our last stop was Country Boy Brewing.


They had tons of beers to choose from and we shared a sampler.


They had this really cool piece of artwork on their wall, which were their handles.


So there you have it.  A small sampling (pun intended) of Lexington eats.



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