Hurricane Dorian & Florida


While almost over, Hurricane Dorian made an impact in many ways.  Quite frankly, Central Florida was among the luckiest, but you never know what will happen and you need to prepare.  I just wanted to insert a quick post about our Hurricane planning in the Darden household.  I’m not making light of the tragedy that is still unfolding, just sharing our personal experiences.


Yes, our main source of info is The Weather Channel, either on TV or our I-phones.


Both of us have some things we automatically drift towards.  I make sure all laundry gets done, along with any ironing.  I had a small helper with the laundry.  🙂



While Eric stocks up on water, cat food and bottled gas.

It’s also fairly important you have a good supply of medicines on hand, along with a first aid kit and first aid supplies.


One of the most important things you need…………is cash.  Places may not have power and/or can’t connect with your credit card company.  It doesn’t go to waste, you can always spend it – just saying.


The TV always have stories about gas stations having no gas.  We try not to go below 1/2 tank.


I bake cookies……………………


………….while Eric makes pate’.  Yep, that is his focus in the photo below.  Really?  It’s not something that I even eat.


You probably noticed, I haven’t really mentioned grocery purchases.  We know we have to go to work before and after the storm.  We’re the last to leave and the first to arrive after the storm & danger are past.  Earlier I showed a photo of bottled gas.  In the past, Eric cooked on gas burners, making breakfast and lunches for  us.  Yes, my husband spoils me and he likes a challenge.  Cooking with no ‘power’ is a challenge he relishes.


We get the notice the Parks are closing.


Preparation begins some of which is unnoticed while guests continue to enjoy the park.  Other things are a bit ore obvious.  We use a lot of shrink-wrap – both to keep moisture out and to keep items together.

Trash cans are pulled together and shrink-wrapped (I got this photo before the last action happened).

38224285-2C15-452F-A073-F6143013ABE5Umbrellas are zip-tied.


A few sand bags are used, but let’s face  it.  They get super heavy. Some of us (me) can’t pick them up, especially once they get wet.


Epcot is beginning to undergo some construction.  This is one of those things occurring on-stage, but guests don’t notice.  The scrim on the fence is lowered and zip-tied while remaining wooden construction walls are weighted down.  Yes this is a disclaimer.  No photos taken were back-stage, only things a guest could see.  I do want to keep my job.


Mentioning Disney……………….no matter what, you just can’t get away from Mickey.  A friend sent me this image during the storm.  Can you see the ‘hidden mickey’?


Probably the biggest chuckle came when a friend sent me this image.  I believe it’s all over the internet now.


Again, Central Florida was very, very lucky.  The last hurricane (Irma) in 2017, we had to replace our roof since most shingles were ripped off in the high winds we experienced.

At one point this week, hurricane Dorian seemed to be headed straight for us.  Once it turned north, we still got some rain and a bit of wind.


A rain band came over us Tuesday night around 10pm.


I was bushed.  Spending almost twelve hours at work, prepping and talking, both with cast members and guests wore me out.  I went to bed shortly after the above shot.  I was confident that Eric would wake me if we needed to take cover.

One added benefit.………….tolls were suspended so I’ve been driving those roads going back and forth to work.  That will end soon.


Please keep those less fortunate in your thoughts and prayers as the hurricane is still impacting many others.













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