Last Day in Venice

So, my last post was an exercise in frustration.  My internet connection was coming and going, I kept switching between the computer and my phone – multiple times – and eventually lost the post I created.  Aarrgghh!  I was putting our last two days into one long post……………..and I”m going to assume that was the problem, too long.  I was able to find an old draft from my original post and started writing it again, for like the 4th time, cutting it in half.  Here is the second half of the original post and was our last day in Venice.


Every morning we started with a cappuccino and pastry.  Karen and I really enjoyed the cream-filled croissant and the Nutella-filled croissant and would go there on our  own.

With being our last day in Venice, we had several last things to check off of our list.  I wanted to go to the produce market, as that’s always interesting to me.  We saw lots of good things to eat.

But primarily, I wanted to go to the fish market.  OMG x 3!  This market was definitely my favorite!  Be sure to look for the sailfish.


Okay, maybe, just maybe I got carried away with the seafood photos.  But man (!)  there was so much to see and take photos  of.  This is less than half of the ones I took.

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Looking at the seafood got us hungry and since we were so close to some of the food shops we visited on our food tour earlier in the week, we made a stop.  The prosciutto wrapped ham was some of the best I had ever eaten.


Next up was something on Rich’s list – the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore.  It was literally across the water from San Marcos Plaza and was a quick water taxi ride.



One of the best things was the ability to go up into their bell tower and get this amazing photo of Venice.


After walking the grounds, Eric and I left for a water taxi ride around the city and saw these amazing sites.


We jumped off at a station near our apartment and I found this little kitty.  He was one of the few I’ve seen.  Everybody has a dog in Venice.


Walking back, we went through the Jewish settlement and found this shop.  There was a purse that interested me and after talking to this gentlemen, we discovered he was the owner and the gentleman that created the leather purse.  He graciously agreed for a photo and then suggested it be taken back in his workshop.


For our last meal in Venice, we walked to a place that was literally around the corner from our apartment.  We kept looking at the menu throughout the week as we walked by and since we still had to pack, this seemed like a good choice.  It definitely was.


We started with the house red and the house white wine, which accompanied our seafood carpaccio (swordfish).

Our meals were great selections and even though there were some repeats from earlier in the week, this restaurant was the best.  Our selections were:  tortilini with ham (Ginny), cuttlefish pasta (Rich), seafood pasta (Eric) and gnocchi (Karen).

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Rich and I split the home-made tiramisu and after paying our check, they dropped off four shots of limoncello.  Yep, I took a sip (yuck) and Eric got the rest of mine.

It was a great ending to a really fun week.  Friday starts another adventure in Europe.






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