Last days in Venice

Before leaving home, we made tour arrangements for the Italian Alps and Dolomite Mountains.  Wednesday was the day.  We didn’t know exactly where to meet the tour guide, just a general idea, so we made sure we had plenty of time for the journey.


We started walking, then got on the ‘people-mover’……..

……..before walking the final distance.  As you can see lots of boats are going everywhere and our original instructions were to take one of the water taxis to the meeting point but late the previous night, we decided walking would be good since we’d be in a van for a good period of our tour.


Our first stop was in Pieve di Cadore, about 70 miles north of Venice. It was the birthplace of the Italian painter Titian in the late 1400s.


We had a great cappecuono and croissant during our 20 minute stop.

We stopped for a photo opportunity at Lago de Auronzo.  The beautiful color is due to a natural copper leaching from the ground.


There’s a dam for the lake and this statue protecting the dam.



We could see the Dolomites in the distance and our driver made several photo stops.  He explained that the alps had the trees and the Dolomites had no plant growth on them.

I have to throw in some of my flower shots.  While most were taking mountain shots, I found little bits of color trying to grow in the higher altitude.  At one of the stops I found this little raised garden where the family was growing different leaf lettuces and strawberries.

Lorenzo, our driver, was probably not the best tour guide we’ve ever had.  He was basically a driver, pointing out some good photo spots, parked the minivan while we walked around and then got us to the next photo spot.  There were 8 on our tour, of which one of the couples (the Australians) were on our food & wine tour earlier in the week.  Our last photo shot was one they advertised on their website.


Upon our return to Venice, we took the water taxi back to San Marcos plaza for a few more photos.


Then found the ‘bridge of signs’.  The story goes that as prisoners were being led to the dungeon, they crossed this bridge after being sentenced and ‘signed’ at their last view of freedom.

That evening we walked to a nearby restaurant (Osteria do Alberta) recommended by our tour guide, Claire.  Since we eating so early (for Venetians) we were able to be seated at a table near the front door – fine by us.  Rich hinted that he would like to order Preseco for his meal and we ended up getting a bottle to share (amongst the 3 of us).


Eric order a fabulous seafood sampler.  I wasn’t really expecting to eat any of us, but once I saw the octopus salad (bottom center) – I was in.


Next to the lemon was a baby octopus – sorry Karen.  😦  Rich and Eric said it was delicious.

Our meals were excellent – the dessert not so much.  We ordered pesto Tagliani (Karen), seafood risotto (Rich & Eric) and vegetable lasgna, the special of the day.  My lasgna was excellent.  It’s not something that I have ever ordered – anywhere – but I would again.  It was that good.  🙂

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We had a delightful evening and one of our best meals.






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