Casey Key -Monday

There are storms out in the middle of the Gulf but we believe we can get in a few hours of fishing this morning.  We’re going to Blackburn Bay, only a 10 minute boat ride away.


This fishing is different than our norm on the Gulf coast.  Places we fish are usually in the middle of nowhere, with nary a person or house in site.  Much different here.  With the weather being so dicey in the Gulf, we’re sticking with the intercoastal waterway and there are houses everywhere along the water.  We are also fishing with live shrimp and our norm is artificial soft baits. But that didn’t keep us from catching fish this morning!  We found an area that had good looking bottom (grass with sand patches) and once we found some baitfish, we were in luck.  We ended up with 5 keeper trout.  Eric caught 3 while I got 2 (mine were the biggest ones).


We kept hearing weather warnings on the radio channel so around 11am we headed back.  While Eric filleted the fish, I went to go check out the beach before bad weather hits.  We are 1 block away from the beach and have access through a narrow passageway across the street.


Not many people on the beach.  Yesterday there were people everywhere.

ck_monday beach

Today we’re treating ourselves to lunch at a local restaurant:  Captain Eddie’s Seafood Restaurant & Retail Market.


We sat outside at their tiki bar, even though it was raining.  Since we planned to have fish tonight, we made sure to order a different type of seafood.  I had fried shrimp while Eric ordered broiled Mangrove snapper.

ck_ge eating

Since the rains have settled in for the afternoon, we found some bait & tackle stores in the area and checked them out.  We also drove by a Tervis outlet and I picked up another Tervis mug.  My first one (SGI) is getting stained and it’s time for it to be replaced.

After having my original life vest for 16 years, I decided to invest in a newer one.  Eric said it was so old, it probably had no buoyancy anyway.  We did get a kick out of one of the ‘features’…………


The rest of the evening was spent relaxing.  Since we had so much for lunch, dinner was cheese, bread, meats and almonds.  Good first day of fishing.




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