Casey Key 2017 – Fishing Report


Explored south of us, Dana Bay, cast a few times before coming back.


Mostly explored, in the morning went up to Sarasota Bay via the Gulf, few casts before coming back the intercoastal.  Scouted a few spots for future forays.


Weather was mostly cloudy and overcast, minimal breeze.  Fished Blackburn Bay, being on the water by 8:30am, used live shrimp on circle hooks.

Ginny: 2 keeper trout (15+  & 16 3/4″) also shorts

Eric  3 keeper trout (sll 15+)  also shorts


Weather was cloudy and overcast and a good breeze was blowing.  We fished Blackburn Bay, being on the water at 9:00 am.  Used live shrimp for bait on circle hooks.  Light rain got us off the water at 11:00am.

Ginny:  2 trout, 1 was a keeper (16″), sail-top cat fish (didn’t keep)

Eric:  short trout, 1 jack crevelle


Rained and stormed most of the day – no fishing.


Very windy, but no rain to speak of, definitely no storms.  Still using shrimp as bait. Went to Blackburn Bay, then a bit further north.

Ginny: 1 blue fish, we let it go (read – lost it at the boat)

Eric: 1 keeper trout, 1 nice Jack Crevalle


Sunny day with winds 5-6 mph.  We were able to head out into the Gulf going north towards Sarasota Bay.

Ginny: 1 keeper trout (16″), multiple short trout, gaft-top sail cats, hard head cats,

Eric: lady fish, blue fish (2, only kept 1), Jack Crevalle, short trout


Ginny:  1 keeper trout (20″) plus short trout

Eric:  1 trout chewed off

Blayton:  1 keeper troutXX” plus short trout, blue fish,





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