Crystal River with Friends

We had a chance to share a special part of Florida with California friends. Even better…… we were able to give them a ‘water’ view of Florida.

Not going to lie, we had an experience that while it was a first for them, it was a first for us. Yes, we usually see dolphins while on the boat – but not like this.

This small pod of juvenile dolphins was putting on a show for us but was watched from afar but their older dolphin babysitter to ensure nothing serious happened. They kept swimming around our boat, diving underneath and generally stayed very close to us.

My photos were always a second too late with the dolphins back in the water, but between the entire boat, was able to gather a few good shots.

Coming back to land, lunch was in order and included a stop at our local favorite eating establishment: Seafood Sellers. The owners were from Louisiana and a big draw was fresh crayfish when they are in season. They were during our visit.

Naturally, Eric ordered 5 pounds.

There were plenty to share for all at the table. Me, not so much. I’ve had them in the past, not my thing. I tried to stay away from the ‘splash’ zone and gave Eric plenty of table space.

One of my favorites are their tomato ‘chips’ (center plate). Oysters were also fresh and two dozen ere ordered for the table.

Fresh grouper was another one of their specialties. Truth be told……..not all ‘grouper’ is always grouper. This restaurant has their own fishing fleet and will only serve grouper when they catch it.

Alas, I didn’t capture a photo of dessert – beignets, white powdery, sweet puffs of goodness. It was great taking CA friends to see a uniquely viewpoint of Florida.


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