My (Ginny’s) 40 years at WDW.

1982 was the year I packed my meager belongings and headed south to Florida. Never, I mean n.e.v.e.r, expected to be here forty plus years later. We celebrate milestone service anniversaries at work beginning at the 5 year mark and WOW, did I celebrate my 40th . Let’s just say for one reason or another, this ‘celebration’ took place over a number of months – actually years. Ha!

Let’s get started………

Part 1 of my celebration was several days before my anniversary date in July. There were a few events to schedule around and ultimately found a date at the end of June when most could attend. This was hosted by my leader and included her peers, the Park VP, my team and my requested invitees. I was ‘surprised’ when I walked into the room.

I brought in a few of my early Epcot mementos: articles & magazines that I was in, some of the Eyes & Ears from my Disney volley ball days (we won our league!) and early Epcot guide maps along with special photos.

What’s a celebration without cake………

LOVE the mickey-shaped sprinkles on the cake. 🙂

Just for kicks, adding in some throw-back photos from those early days when I worked at The Land. Yep, it was the 80s.

Part 2 of my 40 years was the Park’s anniversary on 10/1/23. All those that were working at Epcot on 10/1/82 are considered ‘Legacy’ cast members and several events had been planned for us. Unfortunately, a little thing called Hurricane Ian made a visit that week, so all events were rescheduled, some more than once. One event was a early morning photo before a catered breakfast. It occurred later in October. I’m in the front row, seated, 4th from the left.

A few photo spots were created around the park for cast to highlight the 40th anniversary…………

At the same time, we were able to capture a photo with my team and our VP, Kartika (2nd from the left).

Part 3 of the park festivities for the Legacy cast was a special Dessert party and preferred viewing for Fireworks. Yep, it was rescheduled several times and ultimately my sister and her husband was here (December!) and could be part of the magic, along with Adrienne. BTW – Eric was working. He sees the fireworks several times each week.

It was a little damp that night but the rain held off and the group walked over to the Italy viewing spot for fireworks. That bright white ball in the background……….Spaceship Earth.

Finally, part 4 and the finale. All cast celebrating a milestone anniversary attends a cast-exclusive part at the Magic Kingdom.

A bus was scheduled to pick us up after getting our credentials and when dropped off, were greeted with special libations.

We have staggered times for arriving and once you hit 40, a catered dinner is involved instead of a buffet.

Our dinner was at Be Our guest.

Wine along with our meal kept the celebration going. Chicken for me and prime rib with lobster for Eric. Desserts were very colorful.

After eating we walked through the Park seeing lots of cool things.

Part of the evening involves ‘walking the red carpet’ with lots of screaming fans.

Those fans…………….my leader started a chant ‘Ginny, Ginny, Ginny’ which caused quite a stir.

I was able to capture a photo with my vice president – Kartika. So excited, happy and proud to be working for her.

We got a selfie with the castle in the background as we walk the red carpet. It was a fun evening, highlighting 40 years at WDW.

Last photos shows tangible momentos that will always be mine. Can’t believe………..still here after 40 years.


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