Another week of Furlough activities

It was nice starting another week being on the boat!  And just as nice, plenty of easy boat trailer parking!  Last week it was a total zoo, even through the middle of the week.  Last week I had to drive out of the designated parking, circle the block and enter the parking area going the wrong way – aacckk! – before parking the trailer.  Soooooo much nicer this week.  I just had to include a photo. I did a rather nice job of parking if I do say so myself. Eric doesn’t understand my stress of parking the truck and trailer.   He’s on the boat, impatiently waiting for me to get back.


This was another week with catching a variety of species, some of which was edible.  The first shot is of a sea robin.  Its a tasty fish and we would have kept it if a tad bigger.


Eric caught a remora – which is not a keeper.  If you can see in the photo, a rough spot on its head becomes a means by suction for it to connect with a host fish and feed on the leftovers.  Cool to see, but not edible.


We ended up with a nice haul of keepers:  (top to bottom) 1 bluefish, 3 trout, mangrove snapper (side) and the tiny fish (sea perch) in the top right corner was used for stock.


Today there was just two of us as Adrienne has gone to visit her family.  It’s fun with friends and it’s fun just the two of us.  Man – look at that blue sky and white fluffy clouds.  L.O.V.E. being on the water.


This was another week of organizing more cabinets in the kitchen.  I mean come on -what else can you do.  You’ve seen the other posts and our yard is just about done.

We have lots and lots of glassware and while nothing has fallen out when the doors were open (that would be bad, really bad) it was always dicey putting clean glasses back.  You put a glass on a shelf, gently pushed back and hopefully enough room was available.  Now there’s no problem.  I think Eric would freak if I labeled the shelves – its a thought.


Ah heck, might as well organize the cabinets under the glasses.  This time I remembered a before and after shot.


Yep, all that stuff on the floor and  countertop was inside that one area.  Confession here………we have a bag of this misc. kitchen stuff going to Goodwill when it opens.


Just when you thought I was done, nope, one more set of cabinets.  With only the two of us, we had way too many plates.  Our normal everyday (white) plates totaled 12 – really, we truly don’t need that many any one time.  And yes, we use the remaining four sets of plates, sometimes daily.  Paring down also gave us a chance to keep a few fun (fishy) serving platters on the top shelf.



Okay, okay, I’m done for a while with cabinets!


Getting out of the house is MUCH more important these days otherwise I feel like a hermit.  Eric plans most of these – trust me its in his best interest. Ha!  One day we went in search of a seeded watermelon heading west on SR 50.  It goes into a rural area with some agriculture happenings and we’ve seen roadside stands in the past.  Kind of a weird goal, but hey we’re furloughed!  We both definitely like watermelons with seeds versus the seedless ones found in most grocery stores.  The seeded ones have flavor!

We drove past this farm and stopped in.


It’s a small family run operation.  They used to take their produce to local farmer’s markets – which are currently closed.  For the first time they opened this small market essentially in their backyard – open 2 days each week, we got lucky hitting one of those days.


Eric was scouting their produce to see what he could make with ‘whats in season’.


They had some good looking green beans and sweet corn.  We also found these green tomatoes.  Fried green tomatoes were a good appetizer one evening.





Ultimately we did find a watermelon AND I forgot to take a photo.  We’ve been eating the watermelon outside for dessert.  Yum!

Now here’s something that I totally would not have expected as an activity during furlough – a drive-in movie!

Turns out our local movie theater got creative and had a schedule of movies.

Yep, after a number of years (maybe decades) I saw the movie Grease again.  Had to include a few key shots of the movie.

What a way to finish a week!  Another post is coming with Eric’s cooking.






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