Second week of Furlough!

We found a GREAT way to Furlough……….fishing!  Of course the weather had to cooperate – which it didn’t Furlough Week 1.  Loved the ‘traffic’ on the river.  Nada!


After checking the weather forecast and tide chart we made plans to drive to Crystal River.  Item of note – we never (rarely) fish on the weekends.  Too much traffic and too many inexperienced boaters – Yikes.  This does limit us to 5 days good-weather options.

We seemed to catch a wide variety of species on this trip.  I hooked several sea perch which we ultimately kept the biggest ones.  While small, they are pretty.


Adrienne caught a sheepshead – too small to keep.  But man, if he was bigger, they taste really good.


Eric kept catching bonnet-head sharks.  Now I will admit – this is sprobably the smallest one he caught, but it was the one photographed!


We caught this gaft-top sail catfish.  We’ve eaten them in the past, but their nickname is ‘snot cat’ and their protective mucus coating really was a deterrant to keeping and scaling them.  This guy went back into the water.


Several rays were seen gliding through the water, but this guy unfortunately decided to go for my hook.  After a quick photo, he went back into the gulf.


We were very good at practicing social distancing – even between the three of us on the boat.


While not our usual catch, but we came home with enough for supper that night.



So, the deal is Eric cooks, I clean.  With all of this cooking going on, we had a situation.  I opened up the upper cabinet where the spices are kept and things fell out.  Time for an overhaul.  Yep, found numerous (!) practically empty spice bottles, four bottles of garlic powder (really), lots and lots of bottles of chili powder (okay, so there were several different types – but still duplications) and some ingredients neither one could remember purchasing.  Now, look at that cabinet – love it!  Salts and peppers (no, not a typo, we have various types of both condiments) above the microwave, two shelves of dried herbs & stuff on the right.  I have one little top shelf for my baking ingredients.


Adrienne told me about a Stay Home Virtual Race and sent me the link.  I had heard about Virtual races – heck, even Disney has them.  This sounded interesting, especially once I got on their website.


Trust me, I’m not doing the Half Marathon or even the 10K.  The 5K is just fine for me.  They have a really good marketing person who maintains their website.  Check this out:



I spent the extra 5 bucks to get a bib for the race and completed it last week.  With the world’s happenings, the medal is being shipped late so here’s a shot from their website.

Loved last week’s fusion tacos so much, we went back for a repeat to Tako Cheena, Orlando.


Top half of the photo are the Tacos: beef short rib and pork.  Bottom half was the Korean hot dog (yum – my favorite, you can almost see the dog peeking out from the toppings) and Korean empanada (our least favorite and ended up pulling off the bread and eating the fried cheese).  That won’t be a repeat purchase.    Nothing wrong with it but our expectations were a bit different (think local Hispanic empandas) and this didn’t quite hit the mark for us.

To round out our week, we made one last stop in Clermont:  Ritter’s Ice Cream.  Ice cream fills in the cracks.

Stay tuned – there’s more coming.  Amazing what you can write when you’re not working – just saying.  🙂

















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