Iceland – chapter 4 (zipline)


Zip-lining!  Yes, it is done in Iceland.  They have daily departures, all year long.  Yes. All. Year. Long!  Only bad, windy weather would cancel a trip.

Ever since my first trip to Iceland, seeing an advertisement for zip-lining, I have wanted to do it.  NEVER guessed it would happen.  Regardless, reservations were made over a month ago and we hoped the weather would hold – it did.

We met at a hostel in Vik, got suited up with our harness and straps, jumped into their van and we were on our way.  We were the only two guests on that day’s trip.


For this experience, there are 4 zips: 120, 240 30 and 140 meters long.

<1 meter = 3.1 feet>

The first zip is called ‘Little Rush’.


Our guide, Sammi, shared some historical facts about early visitors to this area during our hikes between the jumping off points.


The second zip is the Gentle Giant’, the longest one.



Our third zip was the shortest……………….but called ‘Leap of Faith’.  Our safety guide went on the zips before our arrival, and I should have paid more attention to what he was doing.

The safety clasp is  behind you with nothing to grab onto.  I had to convince myself this was going to be fun………before I took my own leap of faith.   I was able to capture this video of Adrienne when she crossed.

Hiking involved crossing several fences to get to our zips.


Our last zip was over a waterfall.


But they had one last surprise for us.  They’re testing a few new things not mentioned on their website and wanted our thoughts.


We were under no obligation to experience it – yeah right.  Of course we were going to do it!  They said ‘think of it as a bungee jump’.  Adrienne did a much better job following their instructions than I did.

I did like the last part………upon your return, they grab, pull down and off you go again.  The bounce definitely gave you the feeling of weightlessness.  That was fun – for me.  🙂


Our third guide finished the day, accompanied by Panda their dog, taking the bungee plunge.


This is the only zipline in Iceland.  These friends met through their love of paragliding.  The zipline idea was born on a rainy day when there was nothing else to do.  If you ever go to Iceland, you must do it!

  • Zipline Iceland
  • Sudurvikurvegi 5
  • 870 Vik, Iceland
  • +354 698 8890



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