2nd Wave of SGI Fishing

We fished pretty hard the beginning of the week since mid-week the weather is turning against us.  There’s prep work getting the rods ready……….


And hopefully finding some pinfish in the traps………..


We went back to our favorite spots:  marsh island, youth camp and pelican reef.  We brought home a decent haul of fish.  🙂  on this trip.

img_3459The top fish is a different species – a bluefish, very tasty when smoked.


We didn’t get home any too soon.  I got a shot of the guys fileting the fish while it was raining.


We took advantage of the down time and drove to the Piggly Wiggly for a few more necessities.  Man – what a wine selection for a small town!

Sometimes there’s a lot of action on the boat, sometimes there’s not.

Sometimes we catch keepers and other times we don’t.


Connor is my buddy and we usually end up sitting on the cooler & cushion in front of the console.  Yep, we’ve got our life vests on.   Safety first!


However, if the ride back is too rough, I head for the seats in the back and hold on.  Sorry Connor.


Eric cropped one of the photos and while I gave him a lot of grief, it’s a really good photo.  Here are ‘The Guys from SGI”.



While this post is fairly short, there’s one more wave of fishing coming AND a few other SGI posts.  Patience.










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