A (rainy) day in Apalachicola

Wow!  It rains and EVERYBODY drives to Apalachicola!  It was a bear to park and we took two vehicles – guys & girls- which only added to the parking mess.

I’m going to start with one of my favorite shops (which came back after an absence of years) Betsy’s Sunflower.  Karen and I were shopping  at her original location 20+ years ago.  Then one visit, they were gone. 😦  I found out later that she moved to Maine and has only recently come back to Apalachicola.  I LOVE this store.


We actually ran into Betsy while we were shopping and she shared that last year’s hurricane (Michael) did $50K damage to her first store and they moved to this location in the High Cotton Marketplace building – which stayed dry during the hurricane.  Its a bit smaller than her other store, but she still has some interesting things – at least for me.

Yep, I made some purchases.  Something I did every time I walked into her store, at her first location and once she came back!

Another favorite is Riverlily.  Eric doesn’t love the place since one focus is lotions & soaps and yes, as soon as you open the door it assails your senses.  For years, I always purchased earrings here – that was before Karen and I made them.


Grady Market is a fun place.  I typically found (newer style) t-shirts from Life is Good.  This time I refrained.  There are a number of small vendors that have clusters of merchandise inside the building – some waaaay too expensive for my wallet.


They have some cute garden features out back (sorry Karen I couldn’t resist).

There are a several streets that have storefronts with a variety of merchandise.  Today we didn’t add to their economy, but we have in the past.


Peddlers Alley is a fun place to shop.  They have lots of garden items that add a touch of whimsey.  There are so many nooks and crannies that you could come back again and find something you missed earlier.


Go Fish is a place fun to shop and look, but very seldom have I purchased items.  They have some interesting clothing, but too casual for my work.


There was one cool place we stopped The Tin Shed.  It had lots of nautical items that could be incorporated into a beach-side décor.  Past purchases are sitting in our Florida room at home.


While we were shopping, the guys stopped at Oyster City Brewing Conpany.  Loved their sign out front.

Before we left town, we ate at a new restaurant.  Good food, but the kitchen is still finding their way.  Unfortunately we had been there an hour before the gumbo arrived.


This is near the place that held our boat in storage last year when the boat trailer was getting refabricated.

Eric started with a cup (literally) of gumbo followed by a  (whole) fried flounder and I ordered chicken strips (yep, tired of seafood).

So ends a day of shopping and eating at Apalachicola when rain thwarts fishing plans.

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