Notre Dame Cathedral

Like many others across the world, I was glued to media sources as the tragedy unfolded on Monday April 15, 2019.


Eric has mentioned that Notre Dame may be my favorite building in Paris, more so than the Eifel Tower.  We always have to visit the church when in Paris and go inside. Several years ago, we attended a mass during the week.  It was held behind the choir due to the small group attending.  So much history surrounded us as the mass was conducted in French.


The photo below was a defining moment when news outlets continually played the video as the spire toppled.



We know now that parts of the building was salvaged and millions across the world have pledged funds to help with rebuilding.



Earlier today I went back and found my 2017 posts from our France trip.  I am so glad that we did the Gargoyle tour and walked those hundreds of stairs to the rooftop.


I found three posts that are archived on my blog:

*Paris Tour Guides

*Oh, those gargoyles

*The last 24 French Hours

You can find them several ways.  Type ‘gargoyles’ in the search field and it will bring you to my second France post.  Scroll down to the bottom and you can see the ‘related posts’ mentioned above.

Another way to find these posts is to scroll to the very bottom left corner of the blog, under Archives, click on the box titled ‘Select Month’ and click on October 2017.


2 thoughts on “Notre Dame Cathedral

    1. It was really nice going back over the posts yesterday and reliving the time we spent there. I told Eric last night it was a darn good thing we did the tour in 2017, even though he ‘grumbled’ at the time about all of the steps going to the top.


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