Final SGI Days

Didn’t really want to write this post…………………because it meant our SGI vacation was over.  We still have the memories, but we can’t feel the gulf breeze or smell all of the ‘saltiness’ that comes with living near the beach.  Nor find interesting bits of nature along the sand.


Undoubtedly, we had a lot of fun with our friends.  We don’t see them nearly enough so we treasure these weeks we are together.  The kids have both grown so  much – in a multitude of ways. They were a big help on this trip, pulling crab & pinfish traps, prepping the boat and filleting the fish we caught to name just a few of the many tasks they helped with during the week.


We did make another trip into Apalachicola, eating at ‘Hole in The Wall’.  It’s just a fun place to be.  The owner/waitress, Barbara, is a hoot and really is part of the reason we keep coming back.  We started with smoked fish dip and it quickly disappeared.  She has as a nickname for Warner  “Dos Equis”.  He got it from a previous trip and the name has stuck.  Surprisingly, we all had grouper for our meal – except Audrey.  She ordered a cheeseburger – guess she had eaten enough seafood.


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When the grill was used this week, we took advantage and had supplies for smores.  They just taste better when you’re at the beach – just saying.  🙂

Fishing wasn’t the only activity going on this week.  The kids learned how to play cribbage and most nights ended in this manner.


There was also a puzzle purchased with the intent of leaving it at the house.  Towards the end of the week, the pressure was on to get it finished.

Late in the week, we had another family join us and it was good to see them.  Again – both of their kids have grown so much since we last saw them.  They were a little too young for our fishing adventures in the bay, but we motored around our canal and they got a chance to cast and be a part of the activities.

We headed out thinking the pop-up storms would take the normal path (going inward and east) however, this one did not.  The lightning strikes got too close.

It was heading straight for us and didn’t look like fun.  After one particularly high wave the boat jumped, we turned around and headed home.  Two seconds after the wave, I hightailed it to the backseat of the boat, instead of sitting on the front cooler.


Sorry Richard – you were on your own for the rest of the ride.


Eric caught this little guy while fishing off of our dock as we waited for the storms to pass.  He was safely returned to the canal.

28F0CC73-F247-4586-99E7-C2E5795761D6We gathered our crab traps and was able to harvest enough crabs for that night’s dinner.

Mid-Afternoon we headed back onto the water for our last few hours of boat fishing.


Both Audrey and Warner had keeper fish brought on board.

All too soon it was time to take the boat out of the water and load it onto the trailer.  Richard and Lottie accompanied Eric on the trip across the bay as we used the boat ramp at Apalachicola.

We had one last sunset and it was a doozy.  We got a number of photos and then our friends quickly kayaked and saw the sunset while on the water.

About that puzzle…………………this greeted me Saturday morning – it was finished, and left for the next visitors to the house.





While I planned on this being the last SGI post, we had something interesting happen after we checked out and that will be coming soon to the blog.  I’ve already got the title………’Lucky Breakdown’.  Stay tuned.






2 thoughts on “Final SGI Days

  1. Really loved the week, and the house and the food and the company. Was. Just. Lovely. And now I’m curious to read the positive spin in *Lucky* Breakdown. ?!


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