Panhandle Scallops


Scallop season just opened in St. Joe Bay – literally while we were up there.  For some in the group it  had been years since they scalloped and also be in Florida when the season was open.  Today was that day!  The weather radar was perfect.


We had to head further west of our current location for the section of St Joe Bay open to scallop.  One option was to drive the boat there, but that could be dicey with the weather.  Option 2 was to put the boat on the trailer and launch it in their state park.  We chose option 2.


I drove the trailer to the Apalachicola city boat ramp (it was  a VERY nice & wide ramp).  Audrey and Eric motored across the bay, loaded the boat and we met the rest of the group in the park.  I was able to take one photo of the St. Joe Beach.


There was some instruction that occurred as the kids got used to wearing the mask and snorkel to breathe.  You can see other boats in the background. Not too many, as compared to Crystal River.  Of course we were there in the middle of the week.  I’m sure it was much different on the weekend.


Eric made sure everyone was good, then he took off.  That’s him on the far right, swimming away.


His first bag was most bountiful, containing 18 scallops.


We picked up the anchor a few times, moving around to find better spots.  Ansley and the kids stuck with it all morning as seen below.  Man – see how clear the water was in the first photo!


Dennis (and myself) started fishing.


We ended the afternoon with one last group photo.  Everyone was holding one of our recently captured scallops.  🙂


Audrey got to drive the boat back to the ramp, a task she really enjoyed.  Boat Captains – beware!


Dennis fried up some chicken wings to tide us over until dinner.


Dinner was a grand affair.  The mullet had been smoked in the rental’s outside grill earlier in the day and turned into an absolutely delicious fish dip.


The fish dip was used as a filling with thin cucumber strips as the carrier.   The scallops  swimming earlier that day…………were now our dinner.  Everyone could top the scallops as they so desired.  My choice was soy sauce, a dot of siracha and a few sprinkles of cabbage finished my scallops.


Short post about scalloping.  Another post is coming for the last few days of our SGI trip.











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