First days on SGI

What better way to start than on the water!  Over time, we have accumulated a multitude of traps:  pinfish traps (2), crab traps (2) and a minnow trap.  It only bears to reason that they must be stocked with ‘stinky’ fish or chum and then placed in the water.  Here we had the kids help place the crab traps.



Our first day, everyone was part of the trip.


We kept an eye on the radar and needed to watch out for a few pop-up showers, which hopefully would not develop into storms.


We had to wait out some rain before motoring to Marsh Island and the SGI bridge was a natural stopping place.


I thought surely, there must be some interesting info on the internet about the SGI bridge and I was right.

  • The first bridge connecting the mainland to SGI was built in 1965, prior to that a ferry carried visitors across.
  • Began in 2002 and completed in 2004, the new SGI bridge was built when the original was deemed unsafe due to old age.
  • Bypassing the middle island, the new bridge became the 3rd longest bridge in Florida (4 miles).
  • BTW – the official name is Bryant Patton Memorial Bridge.

So you know you’ve worked at Disney a long time when you see images around you that remind me of Disney characters.  Here I saw a Mickey Mouse cloud formation with a silhouette of Goofy on the right.

My first catch was a Gaft-top Sailcat, or also affectionately called ‘snot cat’ (which you can see along the line near the hook.).


All of those with a fishing license caught a trout but unfortunately none were of a legal size.  We did run into this fellow.  We assumed that (1) others fed him fish – which is illegal or (2) he was opportunistic, going after our fish we threw back into the water.  He was pretty darn close to the boat!

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After 3+ hours on the water, we cleaned up and headed into Apalachicola for a late lunch.  Several of our top choices were closed on sunday, so we ended up at ‘Up The Creek’ Raw Bar.


The group wanted to see our ‘land’ we purchased earlier this year.  Not much to look at right now.  We need to find someone to mow it and also need to get some of the debris cut and cleared before the brush and trees get too big and we will have to apply for a permit for removal.

One other reason for going into Apalach was a stop at the grocery store – Piggly Wiggly.


I’m still amazed as some of their offerings.  They have an amazing selection of Community Coffee and this time we also found the local coffee from Tallahassee – Lucky Goat Coffee.

And really, have you seen this many options for cooking oil or Bob’s Red Mill?

Dinner was a light affair with fresh cooked shrimp and home-made romoulade and cocktail (thanks Warner) sauce.


Monday’s crew was 5 and luckily we remembered the fishing rods BEFORE leaving the dock, barely.


Ansley saw us off for today’s adventure – peace and quiet for her.

While Eric had gotten shrimp for fishing that morning, we were hoping for pinfish in our traps – score again!  Both of the kids were getting really good at grasping the floats and pulling up the traps.  🙂

I share this shot just to show everyone how calm the bay was Monday morning.


Eric was the first to have a keeper trout in the boat.


At one time, all of us had caught trout but only Eric and Dennis filled the cooler.  Dennis being the clear winner with his 22″ keeper.  Eventually myself and Warner added to the overall count of  8 trout.



We picked up the crab traps on the way in and today is a good day for our seafood catch.


Fourteen crabs were pulled out of the 2 traps.


These whelks were added as part of our ‘tower of seafood’.


You’ve got these fish with the next step being to filet them.  Eric thought it was time for the kids to learn the fine points of using a filet knife.  Both watched his demonstration but Audrey was the first to make the attempt.


Practice makes perfect and ultimately, she filleted 4 of the fish.  Pretty good for her first attempt.

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Our crab traps provided a bountiful supply of crabs……….and dinner.


What better way to finish, than with a SGI sunset.

















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