S.G.I. = Gulf Coast Fun



One of our favorite places in Florida……….St. George Island.  But before going, a few things still have to be done at home – like mowing.  Eric stayed with the ‘unspoken rule’ of waiting until 8am before starting.


We’re much better at packing than we used to, but this still seems like a lot, and that’s only the things that are going into the cab of the truck.  Back in the day………..we used to pack most of our food since there was little choice for groceries and ‘isolation inflation’ made things fairly expensive.  It’s not quite as bad now.


Naturally, part of any trip is the adventure of driving.  A good break for the trip included stopping at ‘Rocky’s’ in Perry.


In addition to being a gas station and soft drink stop, it has a variety of other things like these interesting items.

But then………………OMG!  We totally forgot there is a second Rocky’s and wow – it is deluxe.  They have designated gas pumps in the back of their store with one way access for trailers w/boats and RVs.  Pumps are on both side of the pull-through so the location of your fuel tank is unimportant.  Then when you go into the store, it’s a version of the other Rocky’s, but on steroids.

After eating an early breakfast before leaving home, we needed a bit more food before the evening.  We stopped at Angelo & Sons Tropical Trader in Panacea.  Oddly enough neither of us got shrimp and while nothing was wrong with the food, it was uninspiring.  In fact the photos I took, are already deleted – not truly photo worthy.


One of the towns we drive through is Carrabelle.  While it’s known for several things, this is one of those ‘oddities’ only in Florida.

Before too long, we finally made it over the bridge that connects SGI to the Mainland.


We rented an awesome house!  We saw this on a previous trip as we motored out through the canal and discovered it was a rental – score!  Two years later, we stayed.


This rental includes 2 buildings: the actual house and separate tiki bar/screened seating along with a small kitchen for cooking and entertaining – or just plain lounging.


Details say this house can sleep 11, but in my opinion, that would be kind of tight.  I guess that other building would become very useful for everyone to spread out and get their own space – just saying.  The living quarters are on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  We ended up in one of the bedrooms on the second floor with our friends and their kids being on the top floor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Usually our first dinner on the island is pasta and we stayed with that tradition this time.  Eric made stuffed pasta shells, broiling 2 heads of garlic for the filling.  locally-made bread was served on the side to complete our meal.

What other way could you end this first post, but with a photo of our first sunset, seen from our place along the bay.


Stay tuned for upcoming SGI posts.  Should be some photos with fish!!!!!!






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