AZ > NM > TX

Driving across three states is a real bear. But on the plus side, it gave me a chance to see a type of scenery that was a break from home.07DBE344-E442-43F8-9D3D-9DF17E25E3FCBeing able to drive 80+ mph is a definite plus.  Mostly the roads are traveled by semis hauling their loads across country, but every once in a while we shared the road with another car.


Throwing in a few more desert photos from Arizona, just because I can.  🙂  it’s such a change from home, I’m fascinated.



We broke up the drive by searching for a fun & interesting brewery in Las Cruces NM for lunch.  Love that internet and google search feature!  We had pretty good cell phone coverage during our drive through the desert and could research anything we needed.




We shared a sausage ‘nosh’ plate that was awesome!  We also ordered the duck drummettes, which while good couldn’t compete with the 2 sausages, 3 cheeses, 3 pretzel rolls and peach compote board.  The red one had a spicy kick.


I couldn’t resist a few other photos from inside the restaurant.



While not able to see any fields of hot peppers, I made a quick stop at a store specializing in dried peppers.  I didn’t think it would travel well so I had to make do with taking a photo.


Driving through the desert you never knew what would be perched on a hillside  , such as this 20’ metal roadrunner statue.


It didn’t take long and we were in Texas, my fourth state on this road trip thus far. Four more states to go.


We are still in the desert, Texas-style.



We were close to the Mexico border and everyone had to veer off the interstate to go through the Border Patrol checkpoint.


I would love to say we finished the drive with an awesome dinner……but we did not.  There was not a lot of options for eating and we were arriving at San Antonio after 11pm local time.  Sonic it was.


We spent 2 nights soaking up history and local flavor in San Antonio.  That will be the next post.





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