Miami – Disneyland Paris

Bags packed – check

Passports packed – check

Laptop, phones and assorted chargers – check

We’re ready to go!  This has been almost a year in the planning and finally the day has come.  We both worked the day before – me later than Eric – but he had to mow the yard (front and back) before we left.  He waited pretty much  until the last possible moment so the grass had minimal time to grow before we got back.  We started the relaxation process the night before at Chilis.  The black cherry Margarita was a great way to start the trip.


We’re driving to Miami for our flight since it goes straight through to Charles DeGaul Airport.  That was Eric’s main selling point to me.  It worked at the time,  not sure how I will feel about that at the end of our trip, but we’ll see.

The plan was to leave 8 am (ish) which undoubtedly leaves us plenty of time to check-in for our 7:30pm departure.  We picked up a rental at Car Care yesterday and taking that to the airport.  We’ve got the luggage thing down pat.  We each have 1 bag and a carry-on.  Technically, our bags are of a size that we could carry-on, but neither of us wants the hassle of schlepping around more stuff at the airport.

eruc luggage

Yes, that’s right, 7:30 pm.  It’s typically a 4 hour drive to the airport.  We weren’t sure if all of the Hurricane Irma ‘evacuees’ returning would have an impact on the roads (it didn’t) and of course, we wanted to check in early since we’re unfamiliar with the Miami International Airport.  So we dropped off the rental, caught the shuttle to the airport and found the AirFrance gate…… was closed.  Signage indicates it opens at 3:30pm – 2 hours from this point.

What to do………grab some food, then get a manicure!  There are a few spa places in the airport and we definitely had the available time.  Thirty minutes later, pink nails.

We thought with our Global Entry Card, we would be able to skip the Security line that requires you to remove your shoes and stuff.  It should have……..but did not today.  😦   No matter, it’s not like we’re on a tight schedule yet.

The credit card used for our flights allow us to enjoy a VIP lounge at the airport – nice.  We can charge our phones/devices in peace, snack on goodies and enjoy free drinks.

It was crowded and noisy in the beginning, but by the time our flight drew near, more than half of the people left.


Finished our time in the lounge with sweets (for  me) and a drink (for Eric).









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