Crystal River – Day 2

We should be in for another good day of fishing.  The tides are right, coming in late morning/early afternoon which is exactly the timeframe we will be fishing.  We have eaten breakfast at the Resort’s restaurant, but it’s nothing special, fairly traditional, expensive and cuts into our time for fishing, so therefore we’ve changed things up a bit.  On our last few visits, Eric has brought some yogurt smoothies from home and then goes out to get me a breakfast sandwich from some nearby restaurant.  This time he went to a close Greek restaurant and I ended up with a bacon and egg bagel.  Not what you would expect from there, but it suits me perfectly.


The weather looks good for another day of fishing and after buying more live shrimp from Pete’s Pier bait shop, we head down the river.  LOVE fishing on Mondays!  Having our current days off suits us just fine since we have a great day for fishing with minimal boat traffic.  Also, the ‘weekend’ boaters are not out joy-riding and drinking on the water – which is always a plus. We don’t plan on fishing all day since we checked out of the hotel and have to drive home, unpack and get ready for our workweek.  But I digress.

We went to our honey hole and started fishing.  It was slow fishing in the beginning but eventually fish got hooked.  Eric’s first fish was a bonnet-head shark.  We’re not keeping him, but he was fun to catch.  He hooked another one later in the day, as did I.


Redfish were our first keepers.  I got two nice size fish within the slot and they went into the cooler.  While I couldn’t keep the redfish pictured below, the spots made it an interesting catch.  I didn’t count the total number of spots because while I wanted a photo………………..I needed to get it back into the water ASAP to increase his chances of living.  He’s swimming in the Gulf as we speak (type).

spots 3

Eric caught a redfish before we headed home – a nice one.  He is getting to be a much better photo model.  He never wanted any photos before and all our tangible fishing memories were of me (I’ve been at Disney way too long.  Who else uses ‘tangible’?)  If I could just find a place to use ‘plethora’………

eric redfish

Seems like today was all about different species.  Eric got a snook,

eric tarpon

and also this ugly creature below.  At first I thought it was going to be a puffer fish and wanted a photo.  Once Eric landed it……….it didn’t puff. Ha!  After a quick photo, he went back into the water.

ugly fish

At one point we had a double hook-up and we both caught Jacks.  On our last fishing trip Eric wanted to cook this fish since he had seen something about Jacks on a Andrew Zimmern show, but really, it’s not worth the time or effort.  It was just a fish with no taste.  Again, fun to fight but not to eat, just saying.

eric jacks

(By the way, Eric caught the bigger one.)

I finally hooked a trout and got him to the boat.  Earlier in the morning I had a ‘nice’ size trout, but obviously not hooked well since he got off before we needed the net.  😦  Eric kept reeling in the trout both yesterday and today, while I kept bringing short redfish to the boat.  I got a porgie that was in the size limits and we both continued to bring in Mangrove Snapper today.  Like I mentioned earlier, the weather hinted that it would be a good fishing day and it was.

My last fish was one we had hoped for during the entire weekend……….a Spanish mackerel.  They are fun to catch, not always a sure thing and a good fish for sushi.  Yep, who would expect a girl from the Midwest would be eating sushi.  Right after that, Eric hooked something that tore off a good deal of his line before he held the spool breaking off the leader line (he thinks it was a tarpon).  That ended our day.  We packed up and headed back to the boat ramp.  The fish photo waited until we got home.  Total fish count today was 5 mangrove snapper, 2 redfish, 3 seatrout, 1 porgie and the Spanish mackerel.

gmd home

True to form, the boat ramp at The Plantation was unable to be used for our boat due to the low tide.  So after the trailer was hooked up, I drove to the ramp at Pete’s Pier AND did a fine job backing the trailer into the water.  Actually only took up one lane of the 2- lane ramp – one of my best boat (trailer) backing jobs ever.  It definitely helps to not have a audience, too much pressure.    Once we got home Eric processed the fish, using his vacuum sealer to preserve them in the freezer.  We had a sushi poke bowl for dinner.  Rats, forgot to take a photo.  Just when I thought I was getting good at that, I forgot.  Anyway, it tasted amazing and Eric did a fine job ‘stylzing’ our dinner.

No immediate travel plans are on the horizon, but you never know.   Great weekend for a fishing couple since we definitely caught a plethora of fish within two days (did it!).  🙂








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