Casey Key – Sunday

ck_GE sunday surf

This is our last day of fishing, but we truly filled it with a variety of things.  We made a quick trip to the beach to see the surf.  Of course before going out, I had to start with my bagel breakfast – which is my norm on vacation.  Eric’s been sticking with his breakfast fruit smoothies.  We had hoped the rental had a blender but no such luck.  That was one of Eric’s first purchases when we got here last week.  We’re leaving it for the next guests.


We started our morning fishing in Blackburn Bay.  We didn’t want to go far since the weather could get dicey quickly.  It pretty much just looks like rain according to the radar.

ck_sunday radar

I was successful at Blackburn Bay.  Got a keeper trout and a bluefish.  We fished both sides of the bay but only caught fish when we first got there.

ck_gmd sunday fish

Since the tide was slack, we headed in to get cleaned up for lunch.  While we keep eating seafood at the apartment, when we go out we try to find something different.  This time we looked for a Mexican restaurant.  We found a restaurant that was ranked 10th for the  Naples area, so we headed out to find it.


The salsa was good, the chips tri-colored (interesting – we ate the colored ones first, don’t know if Eric realized that) and the actual meal was okay when it arrived.  Afterwards we both brought up how the meal reminded us of the days when we ate at Chi-Chis.  Nothing wrong with that, just not very authentic for the type of Mexican food we’re accustomed to.  We both ordered enchiladas, while I added a chicken taco.

ck_mex food

We were stuffed and once we got back we did a little packing and cleaning up around the rental.  Our upstairs neighbors stopped by and said they were going to go out into the Gulf to a nearby reef.  Eric had expressed interest earlier in the week so we wanted to try it.  We didn’t think we were going to fish any more before we left, so we had to get a few gallons of gas before departing.  We quickly got ready, jumped into the boat and got the gas and ice without our friends having to wait very long.

The reef was really close to the inlet.  I’m guessing it was about a mile from shore.  There was another boat already there, so we both motored around before dropping anchor.  Eric caught a snook that was too short, but I didn’t even got a drive-by bite.  We stayed a little longer since it was our first time, but we eventually gave up and headed back inside the intercoastal waterway.

So now we’re going to try bridge fishing since we’re out on the boat.  We anchored up with Eric putting out a second anchor so that the boat would stay put.  It was miserably hot.  The tide was right, but the sun was beating down on us and the T-top wasn’t giving us any shade due to the angle of the sun.  The breeze stopped and the air was still, heavy with moisture and just generally not fun.  We caught 3 short mangrove snapper.  They need to be 10″ to keep and these were 8″ or less.  We finally started noticing the storm that was coming.

ck_sunday storm

This is one time that we didn’t follow the boating rules regarding the speed.  The storm was gaining on us and lightning strikes were showing up on Eric’s weather app.

ck_weather 2

After we passed the drawbridge for Casey Key, he got on plane and hustled to our boat dock.  Another boat (we guessed locals) were out-pacing us so we didn’t feel too bad about the speed.ck_sunday clouds

We didn’t need much for supper so Eric cooked two fillets from fish we caught that day.  He used crackers for the breading, fried them in butter and topped them with a brown butter sauce with lemon juice.  It was absolutely delicious.  It was accompanied by a side of cheese grits – nice pairing.



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