Recording our travels

Since the Shanghai blog site was created, it has been a great place to keep everything stored while also allowing me to streamline our photos.  While I always enjoyed carrying a journal when we go places, using the laptop is convenient, but most importantly, I can add photos which you can’t really do (easily) with the journal.

The first several months of being back in the states, we got on the water whenever the weather cooperated.  We took the boat to Crystal River (fishing and scalloping/Eric) my first weekend back.  While no fish were caught, seeing blue skies, blue water and a gentle breeze on the Gulf was a great welcome home. Eric had much better luck snorkeling for the scallops.


eric-scallops        ginny_1

Next weekend we drove to Jacksonville to see The Wrays……..and fish.  I  hadn’t seen the boys since last Christmas.  They definitely have grown and are becoming typical teenagers.  Fishing was not productive for me on this trip. I only caught a small flounder.  Eric got several seatrout which were eaten later.  Connor was the only godson that could be convinced to fish on this trip.



August saw us going back to Crystal River before the scalloping season ended.  Rich and the boys drove down to our place the night before.  We stayed at The Plantation at Crystal River.  They have a retaining wall with boat cleats and we always get a room that faces the water and boat.  To fish in the Gulf, we have to motor down the river.  Me and Connor hang out on the front of the boat, looking for manatees.  Several areas are a no-wake zone and we have to putter along.  One advantage with staying at The Plantation is that there are fresh water springs.  This way the engine gets flushed with fresh water when we return.


While some scallops were found, the fishing was more productive.  We all caught something to bring home.




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