Amiens – traveling & eating

Naturally we’re having a lot of good meals and quite a few blog posts share those details. Some we have researched and made a reservation prior to leaving home. Then, you occasionally need to eat someplace and hope for the best.

Man! Got to tell you. We made two awesome stops traveling around the Amiens country-side that blew us away. It’s not that it was gourmet eating but basic brassiere dining. Then the last restaurant in the post occurred our last night in Amiens. We wanted to eat inside due to the chilly temps. The place we chose – we were the first ones there – not always a good sign. However, we were quite happy with our dinner that night as you’ll read below. Let’s get started.


Here is a glance at their menu – on the wall. Thats it – but it was enough.

Some starters were ordered: Oeuf parfait (perfect egg) and rillettes de poulet (shredded chicken).

Fish of the day, beef tartare and fish & chips were our entree’s

I ordered the tarte citron – perfect for the four of us. I got half of the dessert and they each got one dollop. πŸ™‚

Why was this place so special? We were getting hungry, googled nearby restaurants and this one was rated highly. We pulled in…………………….

That’s when we noticed it was in with a grocery store! No matter, the place was full, we were hungry and got one of the last free tables. We would stop in again if in that region. Now that’s saying something.

Corner’s Pub

Driving through another little town, same scenario. Getting hungry, googled local open restaurants (kind of tough on a Sunday) and found this place.

Drinks for everyone – except Eric since he’s driving. BTW – Connor is legal drinking age in Europe. That’s kind of fun, for him and for us.

Eric heard about this specialty in the region – ficelle picardie, a crepe with ham, mushrooms, and shallots covered with a mornay sauce. Didn’t look like much when it arrived, but we were using whatever we could find to get every last morsel out of the dish.

Meal selections were scotch rarebit w/ frites, scallop salad, croque madame and lamb shank.

Connor was the c.l.e.a.r. winner with the lamb, saying it was his best meal in France thus far.

Naturally desserts were ordered, why not.

The owner was a hoot, greeting everyone at the door, shaking our hands and asking where we were from. It was clear he knew most of the people in his restaurant and yes, the food was REALLY good.

Les Boissons

As I mentioned at first, we were the first ones in the door and wasn’t even sure they were serving food or only drinks. Starters were a salad and white asparagus.

Main courses were braised veal, steak and frites and burger w/ Roquefort cheese and frites.

The burger was awesome (and my order). πŸ™‚

No meal is complete with desserts and three scoops of various ice creams was great: vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel, with crunchy cookies, whipped cream and drizzle of caramel. Yum!

I’m closing with a sign we found in one of the restaurants named above. It seems fitting and if we all could accomplish this, maybe just maybe we would be in a better place.


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