Mont St. Michel

A tidal island located 1 km off the coast and surrounded by saltmarsh meadows there stands an 8th century monastery. The archangel St Michael came to the dream of St Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, directing him to build on the rock outcropping. The architecture of the village and fortifications is a mixture of stone and timber framework wrapped around what nature created.

Not many people are aware there are a few hotel rooms available for guests to stay on the island. Years ago I discovered that info in a Rick Steve’s travel book and we made it happen – twice for Eric and I when you include this trip.

The rooms are different shapes and sizes depending upon where they were carved out of the existing buildings.

Our dinner plans upon arrival involved a charcuterie platter we gathered prior to stepping onto the island. It was our first order of business, along with wine and cidre.

Immediately after we started exploring the mostly deserted streets of Mont St. Michel.

The night of our arrival rain started right after we parked and made for a damp walk and exploration. No matter, we still trekked thought a number of passages and stairways. BTW – this shot was at taken at 9pm.

Since this is off season, choices are limited but we found a bar that was still serving and warmed up with various beverages.

Connor and I started exploring again and got a few photos before heading back to our individual rooms. These shots were taken close to 10pm. Now I understand why most living accommodations around here have the metal roll-down shutters.

Deliveries and trash are conveyed by these vehicles – waking us up the next morning.

Fresh veggies and mussels are seen below they had been delivered that morning.

Then we saw this runner – Adrienne! She’s kept up with her morning run, no matter what country we’ve visited.

Speaking of food and deliveries…………….we found a place open early and had savory breakfast galettes. Connor won with his selection on the far right: sausage wrapped in the galette, fried egg and a (most delicious – according to Connor!) salad. Eric totally loved the coffee here – having at least 4 cups that morning.

Fortified with food in our bellies, it was time to take the stairs – lots and lots and lots – to go into the Abby.

Had to chuckle with this photo describing monastery life………

We made it to the top and before going into the building grabbed these photos.

Like most older buildings and monuments, it was going under a bit of refurbishment, so the pathway and access was modified.

After leaving the main sanctuary we walked into this peaceful cloister.

Looking around, there were intricate details most walked right past.

Next stop was the eating hall. Enjoyed by all in silence except for the one monk chosen to read scripture while the others ate.

Going down a set of stairs……

…………you came upon the cooking area. Now that’s a big fireplace.

What goes up, must come down – through this pulley system – back in the day.

All too soon, we were exiting the abbey, but I found this small rose garden tucked into a corner.

Our Mont St. Michel adventure was over and time for the next leg of our journey.

But wait, one more photo is needed!!!!!!! Yep, that’s right. we took an NBC mug shot and will be sending it in to NBC.

Don’t know there will be a third night on the island, but I have enjoyed all of my visits.


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