Fabulous meals in (northern) France

No surprise, Eric found some great places to eat and made reservations before we departed the states. Not all meals had been planned, but several of his selections were ‘Michelin recommended’ and not the type to show up at their door and ask for a table.

Several options were within walking distance. One lunch was at Le Bisttrot da Cote. Wine, oysters and langosteens started the meal.

Eric ordered the first of his seafood tower meals – basically a large selection of protein from the sea.

Local fish were the selections of Connor and ADrienne.

While not glamorous, the goat cheese salad sounded great to me.

One evening Connor had a craving for ‘frites’ which dictated our restaurant selection – not a bad thing. Le Table des 2 Marcel made it happen. Local cider and red wine were the drinks of choice.

Another round of oysters were ordered for the table.

Our selections were: Chicken Supreme (mine), Turbot (Adrienne), Lamb (Eric) and Veal Capaccio (Connor).

What about the frites? Yep, we ordered 2 plates for the table. Not a single one was left at the end of the meal. Now that’s why we’re all smiles!

Other fresh seafood meals were created in-house, literally, in our house. Eric walked to the seafood market half a block away and picked up oysters and scallops, prepped with lemon juice, shallots and pears – excellent. Not a recipe he had prepared before, but sometimes those are the best kind. He pulled together what we could find at the grocery store nearby. I can tell you the scallops were a definite hit.

A walk to the boulangerie and nearby market for local cheeses, fruit, dried meat and pate were other hits for our in-house meals.

Two more to go for this post………………….

The next one may have spoiled me for oysters. I have never, and I mean n.e.v.e.r tasted oysters this good. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Our plan was to stop at all of the D-Day beaches, so Eric and Connor found restaurants nearby our travels throughout the week. The Restaurant de L’ile was one of their choices and another ‘Michelin recommended’ spot.

Wine and amuse bouche started the meal. Tuna mousse, topped with golden cavier in a french pastry arrived before we ordered.

No surprise, oysters were part of this meal and OMG! Perfect size for me (small), nice texture, super salty and could also be topped with lemon or mignonette. ‘Ginny-size’ was on the left. These oysters may have spoiled me for all other bi-valves. YES, they were that good.

Man! loved these oyster spoons.

Eric enjoyed his choice of Fois gras and we all loved the bread. Might have been several baskets (or more) brought to the table. The little lavender flowers were also edible.

Adrienne selected a local fish while Connor and I had duck. All were satisfied with their choices.

Then came the desserts – another true winner. Three sweet selections chosen to end the meal: Puff pastries, sorbet (passion fruit and strawberry) and chocolate molten-lava cake.

Last restaurant for this post ……….. La Trinquette Bar Restaurant with once again, wine and oysters. These were just as good as the ones from the restaurant above.

I had a very tasty Cesar salad and they selected the fish soup – they loved it. It came with a few bowls of ‘add-ins’ as they so desired: gruyere cheese, garlic butter and toasted bread points. Everyone was happy.

Everyone had the fish selection.

Three of us had the most fabulous trio of caramel treats (caramel cream, caramel macaroon and caramel ice cream. Eric selected a cheese plate – we won, just saying.

More posts to come as we traveled through northern France.


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