Apalachicola’s Piggley Wiggley

This is a g.r.e.a.t grocery store, even if it is located in a small town. Every time we visit Apalach, there’s usually a post about the grocery. 🙂 I’m always finding something new! BTW – love their marketing. You can find it on shirts, cups, headwear and bags to name a few.

So, really, why talk about a grocery store on vacation? LOTS of reasons. I’ve listed my top three below.

~First – snacks & meals. Depending upon where we are staying, we usually have one of our daily meals at our place (breakfast or dinner).

~Second – great place for goodies and gifts to bring home.

~Third – interesting insight into the culture and people.

There you have it. You can pretty much guarantee the Dardens are hitting a grocery store no matter what place, state or country we are visiting. Now, on with the rest of this story………..

One thing I’ve always noticed was the plethora of options for many foods at this ‘small town’ grocery store. How many pickles can one community eat? I mean seriously?

How many salsas can a community try?

And these hot sauces? I’ve seen hot sauce stores with less options. There were more but I didn’t capture everything in the photo below.

Who or what exactly was Piggley Wiggley Groceries. A bit of history………

~Piggley Wiggley was founded in 1916 in Memphis TN, with their current headquarters in Keene NH.

~In 2020 they had 499 locations with their parent company being C&S Wholesale Grocers.

~They were innovative being the first self-service grocery store. At the time of founding, customers gave their list to the clerk who gathered their requested items – customers weren’t allowed to wander the store. This store changed all of that. Wow!

Let’s talk (more) products. As we wandered the Apalachicola store, they have items not found in my Publix: 4 different goat cheeses (pumpkin spice – really), pate’, sriracha sauce (heard there was a shortage which is why I can’t find any at home) and these Community Coffee flavors (I can only order them on-line! K-cups no less.).

This place is not stagnant and resting on current product selections. One corner of their store showcases all of their newest items. Yikes!!! That was a lot of newness.

Let’s talk honey, specifically Tupelo honey. Saw the price for this jug of honey and while I knew it was ‘special’ I didn’t know it was that special. $74!

Tupelo Honey – why the hype? Did a little internet research and came up with these 6 reasons:

(1) Buttery, mild flavor, golden hue with a taste that has wide appeal.

(2) Buy it as a liquid, it stays a liquid. It will keep in liquid form for years when kept at room temperature.

(3) Higher fructose ratio, healthier sweetener and easier for your system to break down.

(4) Medicinal uses: anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties

(5) More than a sweetener having trace elements when not processed (Vitamin C, Iron and Thiamine)

(6) Preserves habitat. Tupelo trees grow in Florida, George and Lousiana.

Hmmmm, okay. I guess I’m won over.

Craft beer has exploded in the last decade and never would have guessed this small southern town would stock up on this variety of styles and names.

I mean come on – Icelandic beer? Two types no less. I can’t find this at all in my Publix.

I’ll close with brews from their local brewery: Oyster City Brewing Company. While only one was pictured in the photo below, the flier lists some of their others. One of my favorite was Hooter Brown.


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