Fall Fishing….always interesting

We had a chance to spend a few days at one of our favorite fishing destinations – Crystal River.

Sorry sis – going to lead with fish photos as I share our catches. Day one was afternoon fishing after motoring to Kings Bay Lodge and dropping the trailer in nearby parking. Not much of a catch on day one, but enough for two. Most of our (keeper) catches were seatrout as seen in the first few photos.

Second day of fishing was a bit more successful. Guess you can figure out which ones I caught! 🙂

Third day brought in another species, mangrove snapper – the red one at the bottom.

Fourth day was all about the mangrove snapper, more on that later. I had a little fun with the photo. Eric just shakes his head.

It wasn’t all about the edible fish. I caught this stingray when we were fishing along the banks of Crystal River.

Don’t worry, he lived to see another day. Eric came to my rescue and released him. Her? Who knows, he wasn’t getting close enough to tell.

It was too windy to fish in the gulf so we tried our hand at fishing the banks of Crystal River. We caught a few other things, like this (short) redfish. It went back into the water.

Eric caught a short snook. It also went back into the water.

We had luck fishing along structure, but it did require lots and lots of hooks. Eric was kept busy, either retying my line or his line to replace the multitude of hooks we lost.

Here’s the other reason we were fishing the river and looking for shelter……..yep, those are cold temps in Florida and colder temps on the water.

That morning we choose breakfast at a local diner – The Biscuit Barn. You can tell by the decor (everywhere) it’s a down home kind of place. Someone was enterprising enough to make this wall hanging.

Breakfast was hearty:

Yes, we both got biscuits. I had mine last slathered with butter and jam – it was my dessert.

After warming up a bit, we got back on the water and caught these mangrove snapper before heading home.

Eric continues to shake his head at my fish photos. You would think by now he’d be used to it.

This vacation was a great little escape from the rigors of living and working in Central Florida.


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