Food, food and more food.

Let’s get to one of the BEST parts of any vacation – the food! After recommendations from the AirBNB owner and on-line research, Eric made two lunch reservations in between our other activities.

The first was at Le Chien de Pavlov. A MIchelon chef wanted to open another restaurant where he had more options and less rules with the chance to serve a wider population. The result was this location. This day it was overcast and spitting rain so we ultimately ate inside.

We got a quick photo before ordering. One of my non-selfie photos. Why do I like selfies? Living in China I was a novelty as a Westerner and I ended up on their social media, a photo of me taking a selfie.

The menu for the day………

Needless to say, we ordered different things in order to taste as much as we could. Eric had been waiting to try the white asparagus as it was in season and he got his wish, while Adrienne order the seafood capaccio as an appetizer. For our main courses, Eric selected beef and Adrienne ordered the piche du jour (seafood). My chosen dish was the pintade (chicken). We each were very happy with our selections.

The desserts were very tasty but impossible to get a great shot. The only one we didn’t select was the cheeses.

Eric did well with this choice, this restaurant was a winner.

The second reservation was at La Brasserie Bordelaise.

It was located on Rue St. Remy – just a few blocks from our apartment. Instead of butter with your bread, a small tin of this arrived. Got to love the French.

I’m getting a little better at understanding the menu and don’t need to ask for the English version. Or, ask for both and its an easier way to learn the language of food. 🙂

We got the most awesome starter: smoked trout from St Etienne de Baigorry with lemon cream. It was fantastic. We could have all licked the plate. We were even fighting over the tiny radishes.

Eric and Adrienne both got the beef ribeye………….

……….while I ordered the chicken. That was some of the most tender and tasty chicken I’ve had.

All was accompanied by salad and frites.

Desserts? But of course.

Eric’s icr cream
Ginny’s brioche w/ ice cream
Adrienne’s coffee & homemade treats

Adrienne won – just saying. All were tasty but her selection(s) were fabulous. Eric would probably disagree as ice cream always wins with him.

Or, we could say that Eric won since he found and made the reservation.

Most of our reservations were for lunch, abeit later than our normal. We needed a little something at night. That was also part of our ‘shopping’ experience, for food. We hit the jackpot when we stopped at this place. That’s Eric through the glass with a most helpful merchant. She knew how to sell cheese.

We left with these three cheeses. This is the first blue cheese I’ve ever liked (far left photo)

This was our end result that evening. Add in some (absolutely delicious) fruit, briny olives and french bread and it was feast. Oh, and red wine for them and rouge beer for myself.

There were other nights much like this. I believe earlier I indicated we had an outside eating area with our apartment. This evening we had pears and kiwi with the meats and cheese.

We closed our time in Bordeaux with another nighttime feast. These were our ‘leftovers’ from the time we spent in this city. Add in the country pates and the meal was perfect.

While vacations for us are all about the food. When I wandered off, it was usually to grab a shot of flowers. I’ll end my Bordeaux posts with that.

Next up Toulouse.


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