Walking Bordeaux – 1.0

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the sites seen during our time in Bordeaux…………

There are a number of city gates in Bordeaux. Some we had put on our ‘list of places to see’ and others we unexpectedly found as we turned a corner. Of Bordeaux’s original city gates, only six remain today. We ran across four of those that were within walking distance.

One of the most famous was La Grosse Cloche (15th century). It was one of the remaining gates from the Medieval walls. And at one one time was the belfry of the old Town hall.

La Grosse Cloche

A close-up of some of the finer detailing.

This view would have been seen from outside of the gates. At one time the building was also a prison.

Porte Cailhau gate or the Palace Gate served as both a defensive door and a triumphal arch. Constructed in the 15th century it was the main entrance to the city from the port.

Port Cailhau

Porte Dijeaux gate was originally one of the fourteen doors of the Roman enclosure of Bordeaux in the 4th century. The current gate is the third rendition.

Port Dijeaux

Aquitaine Gate‘s construction began in 1748 and was made of St Macaire stone that becomes hard and pink. After the Second World War, it took the name of Victory Gate.

Victory Gate

After walking through this gate, these copper turtles munching on grapes caught our eye.

I thought someone had vandalized the baby turtle until I got closer. The smaller turtle had the wine-growing regions engraved on its shell. That’s pretty cool.

Adrienne had this idea………………..she wanted to push the little kids off but I held her back.

We continued to walk near this monument throughout the week and finally detoured to see it up close. It was a monument dedicated to the Girondins – burgeois businessman who strove to promote the interests of their land. It was all for naught as they all met with violent deaths.

Totally loved the fountains at the bottom. The details in the animals were intricate and coupled with the spraying water, made this spell-binding. I took lots more photos but pared it down to these two for the blog. Didn’t want to bore you too much. šŸ™‚

How did we finish one of our evenings……………going back to Michel’s. You know it had to be good because Eric n.e.v.e.r and I mean n.e.v.e.r repeats a restaurant on vacation.


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