Oompah! Let’s go to Greece

Well…………….kind of. We revisited a Greek restaurant in downtown Orlando.

And yes, it is on a corner on the banks of Lake Ivanhoe. I was a little curious about it’s history and found out:

~ owners immigrated to US from Greece in 1988, settling in Boston, MA

~ both had restaurant experience in Greece and the places they opened were successful.

~ they decided a change of scenery and climate was needed and Central Florida was their location of choice, moving here in 2000. The rest is history.

It’s located in one of the districts informally called Lake Ivanhoe Antique District. The day we visited the weather was perfect for sitting outside under the covered porch seating.

While perusing the menu, our waiter brought our beverages of choice. Guess which was mine?

HAD to start with some appetizers: hummus w/pita triangles and dolmathakia. What? Okay, much easier to call them stuffed grape leaves. I had turned up my nose in the past, but gamely agreed to try it again. Nope, still not my thing. The hummus – totally my thing.

Our friend had a burning desire for salad this weekend. That’s never happened to me, but who’s judging. It was met with this Greek salad, topped with grilled chicken as her protein.

Eric and I both went for the souvlaki with chicken my choice.

Eric chose the lamb sausage version.

But wait – don’t they look similar?


Eric called the waiter over, picked up the plate and said yes, that is lamb sausage. Eric dug into his meal and said nope, nada, no way. He took his plate inside the restaurant and came out with his french fries. Ten+ minutes later he got the meal he ordered. Spoiler Alert – no photo. He was too hungry and devoured his meal. I didn’t want to get in his way!

Today’s food was exceptional – or I was really hungry – or possibly a bit of both. We can’t wait that long for our next visit.


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