Two Orlando Taco Tours

When you can’t travel grandly and broadly, you adjust your plan. We took a few weekends and completed our very own Orlando Taco Tours. There are waaaaaaaay more places than what we visited, but hey! You’ve got to start somewhere. The others will be saved for future Taco Tours!

I’ll agree, this is probably not something most would expect in Central Florida. But, if you dig deep into some of the small enclaves popping up – g.r.e.a.t local food-foraging trips can be created.

We started with a fan-favorite and a repeat of ours: Tako Cheena.

Prior visits did not allow for on-site seating (hence tailgate eats) but with the recent Covid changes and vaccines available it was now an option. Mexican coke (made with cane syrup) and one taco (Pernil Asado – slow roasted marinated pork, spicy mayo, pickled onion & carrot) was my selection of choice.

Eric got the Char Siu BBQ Pork Belly taco (rich fatty cut of pork marinated Catonese style, cabbage and ginger oil). Nope, no photo. I had to take a work phone call and Eric chowed down on his food before I got back. Very eclectic, brightly painted building with a few picnic tables equates to their eating area. A quick shot before we continued to our next stop.

Onward to Hunger St Tacos. The biggest issue here – parking – especially if you go anywhere near lunchtime. I swear they only have 7 parking spots, maybe. And their workers need some of those spots – yikes.

Their mission is to ‘Serve high-quality Mexican street food in a setting that highlights and celebrates modern Mexican culture and art’.

Their dining has always been outside, open-air, under cover. Quite frankly, the building kind of looks like a former gas station that has been given a new life – I like it. Even in Florida, they have prepared for the diversity of weather we get. Seating was in the back of the building with drop-down sides for rain protection and ceiling heaters when we have colder temps. A taco for both of us and some liquid refreshment rounded out this stop.

They have a nice succulent & cacti garden in front. Not plants I’m usually drawn to, but this caught my eye.

Last stop on this day was Reyes Mezcaleria.

Mid-afternoon, there was plenty of space at the bar, giving us plenty of space from other patrons. While not exactly ‘tacos’ it was still Mexican-themed. Michelada drinks (basically a bloody-mary base with beer of choice) and (finally) chips w/green tomatilla sauce & salsa.

Ceviche was a nice change of pace for our selection. It was citrus cured red snapper, red onion, heirloom tomatoes, lime and cilantro – oops, forgot to ask for that to be left off. Don’t really like that herb, but can tolerate it if I have to.

Taco Tour Day #1 complete.

Taco Tour #2 started with Taqueria Ameca – this is the real deal. We were the only ‘gringos’ inside.

Another michelada (Eric) and Mexican coke (me) accompanied our 3 tacos (with homemade tortillas – just saying!). Presentation of their michelada in the styrofoam cup was a bit off-putting, but Eric (graciously) let me have a few sips and it was mighty tasty.

This WILL be a repeat in the future – very authentic.

Onward to the next stop……………….Black RoosterTaqueria.

It is a tiny little place and their website had a phrase I can honestly say I’ve never heard. To quote info from their website ‘The husband/wife team’s mission was to create a place where delicious food is swiftly serviced and enjoyed by people with a passion for art, sustainability and real ingredients. Their concept is ‘Farm to Taco’.’ Hmmm. I like that last phrase ‘Farm to Taco’.

We squeezed in along a bar facing the street, still trying to maintain covid distance from others. First arrival were the chips and accompanying dips: guacamole and tomatillo.

Tacos arrived soon after. Chicken (L) for me and pork fat (R) for Eric. LOVE the thinly sliced radishes on top for crunch.

We really had planned on one more Taco stop…………………..but the draw of pretzels from a nearby brewery pulled us. One accompanied with beer cheese or mustard dip (left) and the dessert taco (right), topped with cinnamon sugar and a cream cheese dip. OMG!!! Hands down the dessert taco was my fave!

Closing this post with a week of Eric’s Mexican meals that closely followed our taco tours. The protein in Eric’s tacos were fried trout (caught by us not that long ago) with chopped cabbage from our garden and avocado topped with a spicy mayo.

It’s time for Florida’s sweet corn to arrive in local grocery stores. Last year was our first foray into street corn – and it will be repeated, lots.

Add in a cheese & jalapeno quesadilla and dinner was complete.

This meal was just one example of our home-life furlough during Covid. It gave us time to more widely explore a variety of cuisines, indulge in time for their creation and enjoy eating at home. There is a silver lining – if you just look for it.


Those drinks on the white tray……..Eric’s home-made michelada base and Mexican beer. Everything for this meal was delicioso!

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